Thursday, 1 October 2015

5 Different Experiences Of Manila

If you believe Manila (capital of Philippines) is just a place to end up holidays by getting around its stunning beaches, warm hospitality and discover skyscrapers in series in Makati, you seriously need to change your image about this Asia’s most promising holiday destination. The city is magnificent to discover the best leisure experiences, witness the interesting history, and spend time in the astonishing locations takes you closer to nature. The city attracts more than 1 million tourists every year by providing them an unforgettable variety of experiences. You can also book your Flights to Manila from London for a memorable vacation.

Seafood extravaganza: Manila is a heaven for the sea-foodies. Manila has markets like Seafood Dampa where you can purchase kilos and kilos of seafood from broad variety and take it to the next door restaurants to let it transform into a delicious platter of your liking. Pasay City near Manila Bay called Seaside Dampa is the greatest one and a kind of market you ever hear about.

Manila Bay or Baywalk: Manila bay or Baywalk is a perfect venue in the city to hang out alone or with family and friends. A morning walk around is seriously panoramic and evening becomes bustling when lots people come across it to chill-out and watch the ships, yachts and the beautiful sunset.

Food and Board Games: How just the scene is so common people sit around a table in restaurants, offices, etc and are just busy in strolling the screen of their smart phone. Mnaila has some restaurants, cafes and bars that are trying to revive the lost art of talk. They come up with concept of board games and serving nice food along. Ditching your phone for some time and enjoying the great food here is seriously a fantastic idea that leaves you joyous at the end.

Intramuros: Intramuros in Manila makes it hard to believe you stand on an Asian city. The thing that makes it a must see when in manila is a strong Spanish influence from Churches to schools. You will complete value from Cheap Flights to Manila from London when you will be here.

Cockpit: If you want to experience some odd in your Manila trip, then Cockpit might be the one. It’s considered brutal by some, still its craze can be seen in manila. Throughout the city, there are various cockpits to check out. You can also try to win a few pesos on the fiercest rooster.


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