Thursday, 1 October 2015

5 Different Experiences Of Manila

If you believe Manila (capital of Philippines) is just a place to end up holidays by getting around its stunning beaches, warm hospitality and discover skyscrapers in series in Makati, you seriously need to change your image about this Asia’s most promising holiday destination. The city is magnificent to discover the best leisure experiences, witness the interesting history, and spend time in the astonishing locations takes you closer to nature. The city attracts more than 1 million tourists every year by providing them an unforgettable variety of experiences. You can also book your Flights to Manila from London for a memorable vacation.

Seafood extravaganza: Manila is a heaven for the sea-foodies. Manila has markets like Seafood Dampa where you can purchase kilos and kilos of seafood from broad variety and take it to the next door restaurants to let it transform into a delicious platter of your liking. Pasay City near Manila Bay called Seaside Dampa is the greatest one and a kind of market you ever hear about.

Manila Bay or Baywalk: Manila bay or Baywalk is a perfect venue in the city to hang out alone or with family and friends. A morning walk around is seriously panoramic and evening becomes bustling when lots people come across it to chill-out and watch the ships, yachts and the beautiful sunset.

Food and Board Games: How just the scene is so common people sit around a table in restaurants, offices, etc and are just busy in strolling the screen of their smart phone. Mnaila has some restaurants, cafes and bars that are trying to revive the lost art of talk. They come up with concept of board games and serving nice food along. Ditching your phone for some time and enjoying the great food here is seriously a fantastic idea that leaves you joyous at the end.

Intramuros: Intramuros in Manila makes it hard to believe you stand on an Asian city. The thing that makes it a must see when in manila is a strong Spanish influence from Churches to schools. You will complete value from Cheap Flights to Manila from London when you will be here.

Cockpit: If you want to experience some odd in your Manila trip, then Cockpit might be the one. It’s considered brutal by some, still its craze can be seen in manila. Throughout the city, there are various cockpits to check out. You can also try to win a few pesos on the fiercest rooster.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Manila the crown of Philippines

Are you planning your next international vacation? Then plan a trip from London to Manila in Southeast Asia. The dream city of Philippine, Manila also severs as the capital of the country. And now it’s not at all difficult task to get inside the city as all airlines offer low-cost flights to Manila. Ninoy Aquino International airdrome welcomes visitors from all over the world. A few of the popular places of the city are Rizal Park, Planetarium, Orchidarium, Ocean Park and Butterfly tent. And the best part of being at this place is you’ll be able to communicate with the locals without any language barrier. Certainly, it has many things to do and the most adorable is the nighttime fun with so many bars, pubs, casinos, antique retailers and occasional retailers.

The picturesque beaches of the place are the reason for one million guests from everywhere. It is one of the favorite destinations of tourist and that’s why over one million of visitors choose this place as their holiday spot every year. Due to its tropical weather and style of beaches it attracts over one million guests from everywhere the planet annually. Manila offers plenty for looking lovers conjointly, markets of Divisoria and Quiapo offers merchandise at low costs with a sensible cut price. Robinson's Place Ermita are one amongst the largest mall in the heart of Manila.

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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Trang Islands - Where Thailand Rest

Immaculate beauty of Thailand inspires visitors from all over the world. In fact, each and every corner of the country offers something special and something different. It is like a bunch of flower tied together to make a beautiful bouquet. For instance Phuket is known for its pristine islands, Pataya for its boldness, Bangkok for nightlife, Koi Samui for incredible location. Not too far from Bangkok there is a place called Tehran. It is known for sandy beaches, marine life, and great coral and locations too good for earth. It endowed everything which you have just imagined but never felt.

Trang Islands
Trang Islands (Image Source:
The first look of the place will make you feel like heaven: beautiful bungalows near beach, Blue Ocean water, calmness, craggy boulders and swinging hammocks is beyond this world. In addition to perfect location the mouth watering Thai food of the place is what exactly Thai food taste like. A clear influence of nearby places of the countries is found over the food culture in Trang, it is a melting point of Chinese, Muslim and Indian taste. It presents blended taste which is not found anywhere else in the world. For instance the Dim Sum is actually originated in China, but it taste it’s best in Trang. Not too far from the beach, the famous local mart sells some rare items which you cannot find anywhere else in the country. The spices are exactly the one which is available in the market in India, so you need not to plan a visit to India for purchasing them. The handmade fabric adds glitter in the market. Don’t forget to taste stunning cake available in different flavors like coconut, orange, mango, strawberry. The essence and flavor of each one of them is so different that you cannot leave anyone of them. It is one of its kinds and you won’t find a replacement of it where ever you go. Almost every tourist who visits here, visit this place to shop spices and cloths. The part of being in Trang is that- it is a remote location still easily accessible via Bangkok flights.

Samui Beaches - Koh Samui
Samui Beaches - Koh Samui (Image Source: Wikipedia)
In case you don’t belong to this country than you will not get a direct flight to Tehran. To be there you need to book cheap flights to Bangkok (visit: first and after you will have several convince to go there. You can rent a car; get a taxi or a flight. Headache is helping people of the entire world to satisfy their wanderlust via providing most secure and easy way of flight booking. So no matter when you plan your visit they are always there to help you with booking cheap Bangkok flights.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Manila: Serves eye candy to the millions of visitors

The Philippines is blessed with intrigue culture and is home of some of the beautiful sites like Fort San Pedro, Intranumus, chocolate hill, Magellan’s Cross, Lapu Lapu memorial and many more. They help travelers to understand Philippine as well as Spain. From ages the nearby islands of nation popularly known by the name Republic of Philippines magnetize visitors from every corner of the world. The archipelago's beauty of these islands symbolizes the complete South Asian continent. From the era of its evolution, Philippine is the point of interest of the Asian, European and American countries. And probably this is the concrete reason behind the mixed shade of the country’s culture, tradition and population. Among the various cities of the country, Manila attracts visitors because of its amazing looks and lively atmosphere. Manila is a popular destination not just because it is capital of the place, but also because of its unlimited entertainment industry. The joyful and humble locals of the place treat every international visitors of the country as their own. And this is the reason visitors keep booking Cheap Flights to Manila every year. It is known by the name ‘the pearl of orient’ because of its natural beauty and perfect sunset and sunrise.

Manila inherits seventeen distinct districts, some present beautiful Manila while some shabby Manila. Wherever you visit in this city diversity is guaranteed. For instance, Malta is the home of party animals. Here, nights are more lively and colorful than days. The watering holes near M.H. del Pilar, Mabini and Adriatico give its tourism a sharp edge. It has many restaurants and cafes for the tourist to enjoy. While, The UNESCO World Heritage Site, the absolute natural site is known is also among the Seven Wonders of the World. Metro Manila is known for its vibrant place leashed with modern amenities like shopping malls, dining and entertainment centers. Not too far from the place, Chocolate Hills mesmerizes people to be here. The super cute look of the place is the result of the collection of unusual land form. Being in Manila gives you the incredible experience of the mountain scenery and helps in tasting tremendous wildlife highlights. Besides, cheap transportation systems inside the city Flights to Manila are also available at cheap price.

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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

An unforgettable visit to Philippine Paradise - Manila

Philippines has always been a sight of interest for the visitors  for ages and the credit goes to its beautiful geographical location, mixed culture, great tradition, skyline architecture and gem hearted locals. The country houses more than 7,000 islands, rich wild life, great adventure, picturesque beaches. And in case beaches are something which attracts you than you cannot ignore Manila. It is the capital of Philippines as well as among the top most destinations of Asia. The second largest city of the country houses 17 district and thus it’s really a big task to explore entire Manila in single trip.  It is well said that Manila reflects the entire Philippines thus it is the political, cultural and financial capital of the country as well. Most of the major decisions effecting the live of 100 Million Filipinos are taken in here. The history of the place had witnessed several invasion and wars but most of the heritage of Manila remained untouched by them. It suffered major devastation occurred at the time of World War 2 and that was the time when most heritage of the place collapsed.  But, a trip from London to Manila Flights do not show any signs of victims in spite the spirit of survival is felt in the air of the land. The Ayala Museum reveals a short summary of Manila history.

Cuisine of Manila is another reason to visit at this place, the tangled taste food of the place will make you its fan. And that will be your next reason to book cheap Flights to Manila.  Chicken Adobo, Fish Curry are the classic foodie, while you will notice the influence of several countries taste over its food. The oldest Chinatown of the world is located here. And in case your diet chart does not allow you to try more of Manila food than don’t worry. As the spice of Manila are weight managed. In addition to food culture, Manila is nowhere second in shopping also. There are several glittering malls and shopping center about 6 of 25 largest malls of the entire world is located here. So if shopping is your religion than Flights to Manila are the ways to temple.

The downside of Manila tourism is its traffic; you really need to have pertinence at the time of commutating form one place to another. Once if you cope up with the fast moving life style of the place than undoubtedly Manila will look like paradise to you.  There are many ways by which you can book Cheap Flights to Manila, one among them is Hoodaki. They provide best services and customer support over flight booking to Ninoy Aquino International Airport ( MNL). 

Monday, 3 August 2015

Must Read Before Planning Visit to Bangkok

The exquisite beauty of Thailand’s capital serves as an inspiration for tourists to book flights to Bangkok. This place reflects modernity without losing its ancient charm. It has several grand palaces, vats, and museums which depicts the strong influence of Buddhism over the land. Several monks of the place strictly follow the lifestyle of Buddha. From daily routine to the clothing they imbibe the preaching of Buddha in their lifestyle. On the other hand Bangkok will show you the best glittering signs of modernity. The grand shopping malls, perfectly designed gardens, world-class hotel adds colors to the look of the city. However the city is known for its happening nightlife across the world. The pub life with neon colored girls will change your persona of the so called pub. In fact, the night life of the city is so famous that most of the visitors plan cheap flights to Bangkok from London to have a look of it.

Buddhism in Bangkok
Buddhism in Bangkok (Image Source: Pixabay)

Things you must read before visiting Bangkok:-

  • The transport of the city needs a serious make over while at the same time you will enjoy tuk-tuk rides.
Tuk-Tuk Rides in Bangkok
Tuk-Tuk Rides in Bangkok (Image Source: Wikipedia)
  • The market of Bangkok will look like paradise to you if you are a shopping lover.
  • The street food of the place is the best way to taste the integral cuisine of the city. 
  • The true beauty of the Bangkok Tourism lies in the humble, curious and friendly locals of the city.  
  • The floating market of the city is the unique way of shopping which only a few places in the world offer.
Floating Market in Bangkok
Floating Market in Bangkok (Image Source: Flickr)
  • The nearby areas of the place like Silom and Sukhmvit will elevate your sightseeing in the city. You can also take a sky train ride here. 
  • In case you are planning a visit to the city in the month of June and September than there are chances that you may face a sudden change of weather. So bring your umbrella and foot ware along with you. Hoodaki is the simplest way to enjoy the sightseeing of the city.
  • It houses several palaces while some of the them are still used by royal Thai families and some of them is open for the public view.
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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Taste the authentic Chinese cuisine in Manila

Manila is an odd combination of developed and decrepit. Manila has a reputation of the modern city, with lots of skyscrapers and pristine upscale areas. Millions of visitors book Manila Flights throughout the year so as to experience the uniqueness of the Philippines capital. Well, this city is not only known of its awesome sights, several visitors opt this city to try its mind-blowing food. China has an intense influence over its food most of the foods are taken from China, but their specialty lies in the way they present it to the customer. They taste so different than even tourists from China is not able to detect the same food. So, most of Chinese food served on the street of the city is all about Chinese food in Filipino style. Check out some of the famous cuisine of the city.

Hakaw: The popularity of this awesome food brought it to the Manila right away from China and now it is more Filipino than Chinese. The rich flavor of the dish comes from its ingredient which is filled inside the wrap. The wrap is made up of flour and is available both in veg and non-veg version. In case you are a non-vegetarian than both of them worth a try.

Exotic Soups: The streets of Manila are famous for their mouth-watering variety of soups like mushroom soup, chicken soup, seafood soup, cheese soup and many others. They are healthier and tastier cuisine of the city with hardly any drawback, you can try as much as you want. They are rich in taste, easily available, cheaper, palatable and nutritious too.

Adobo: It may sound like some software product, but to your surprise it is among the famous food of place. You may not find it over the street, but it is the common name of the menus of almost every restaurant. Your London to Manila Flights is of no worth without the taste of Adobo. The rich flavor of the food will make to come at this place again and again.

Chicken Cacciatore a la: It is food in hunter style; no you are not suppose to go the jungle to taste this awesome dish, you can taste it at any A grade restaurants of the city. It will give you the feeling like this food is served right away after shooting and killing the wild animal and then after adding fresh herbs, tomatoes is its altered for, chopped onion, peppers as well as mushrooms etc.

Choco cake: Chocolates of Manila are fresh and pristine as most of them came are growing their only, the moderate climate of the city is perfect of the cocoa farming and the byproducts of these cocoa are so delicious that it’s you can’t stop yourself from tasting this. Cakes when served with the cocoa flavor them it makes the perfect dessert.

These are just the few cuisine of the place, while there are millions which can be reason for your next Manila Flight.  No matter when you book flights to Manila than do book from Hoodaki as they help you to book your flights in cheaper price as well as without any hurdle.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Highlights of the vibrant city of the United States: New York

Traveling is the best way to explore your horizon of thinking. It brings more depth and creativity in your thinking. And moreover, it helps you to understand this world more preciously and clearly. One of the most beautiful and exciting places on this planet is New York. This mind-blowing city is known for its rich history and iconic present. New York is the financial, industrial, entertainment hub of the USA and that is the main reason why people struggle to book cheap flights to New York.

Situated in the northeastern corner of the United Sates and in the mid of Atlantic Census Bureau division this amazing place covers an area of 54,556 square miles. It houses several epic sites such as the Empire State Building, Times Square, and Statue of Liberty. The Empire State Building is a majestic multi-story skyscraper which wins the heart of every visitor with its glittering look. The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World is famous as a symbol of freedom and democracy all over the world. And, Times Square is the hub of the Broadway theater district and a major cultural venue in Midtown Manhattan. It is among the highest annually attended tourist attraction in the world with an estimation of 50 million visitors per annum. The city is not just about the iconic destination in addition to all this, it is also the capital of art, culture, fashion and finance.

Major destinations of the city include the Empire State Building, , Broadway theatre productions, Ellis Island museums, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and other tourist favorite  attractions including Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Washington Square Park, Times Square, Barclays Center, the Bronx Zoo, Coney Island, South Street Seaport, luxury shopping along Fifth and Madison Avenues, New York Botanical Garden and several events such as the Tribeca Film Festival, and free performances in Central Park at Summerstage and Delacorte Theater. Tourism in New York City serves over 54 million foreign and American tourists each year including day-trippers.

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