Monday, 3 August 2015

Must Read Before Planning Visit to Bangkok

The exquisite beauty of Thailand’s capital serves as an inspiration for tourists to book flights to Bangkok. This place reflects modernity without losing its ancient charm. It has several grand palaces, vats, and museums which depicts the strong influence of Buddhism over the land. Several monks of the place strictly follow the lifestyle of Buddha. From daily routine to the clothing they imbibe the preaching of Buddha in their lifestyle. On the other hand Bangkok will show you the best glittering signs of modernity. The grand shopping malls, perfectly designed gardens, world-class hotel adds colors to the look of the city. However the city is known for its happening nightlife across the world. The pub life with neon colored girls will change your persona of the so called pub. In fact, the night life of the city is so famous that most of the visitors plan cheap flights to Bangkok from London to have a look of it.

Buddhism in Bangkok
Buddhism in Bangkok (Image Source: Pixabay)

Things you must read before visiting Bangkok:-

  • The transport of the city needs a serious make over while at the same time you will enjoy tuk-tuk rides.
Tuk-Tuk Rides in Bangkok
Tuk-Tuk Rides in Bangkok (Image Source: Wikipedia)
  • The market of Bangkok will look like paradise to you if you are a shopping lover.
  • The street food of the place is the best way to taste the integral cuisine of the city. 
  • The true beauty of the Bangkok Tourism lies in the humble, curious and friendly locals of the city.  
  • The floating market of the city is the unique way of shopping which only a few places in the world offer.
Floating Market in Bangkok
Floating Market in Bangkok (Image Source: Flickr)
  • The nearby areas of the place like Silom and Sukhmvit will elevate your sightseeing in the city. You can also take a sky train ride here. 
  • In case you are planning a visit to the city in the month of June and September than there are chances that you may face a sudden change of weather. So bring your umbrella and foot ware along with you. Hoodaki is the simplest way to enjoy the sightseeing of the city.
  • It houses several palaces while some of the them are still used by royal Thai families and some of them is open for the public view.
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