Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Touring the World with Hoodaki.com

October Music Festival is drawing close in UK! What are your holiday plans? Moreover this month of October and the succeeding months are going to bring some amazing festivities, which mean lots and lots of holidays and offs from work. Are you going to just laze away this bustling period before hitting the end of 2014? We hope not.

Or maybe, if we are not wrong, like other people, you too are devoting endless hours while googling different airlines, travel companies or consultants, hotels and learning about your intended holiday destination. As it is nearing the completion of year 2014, everyone must be tight on budget, and searching for the cheapest holiday package. So, have you gained any success in finding cheap air tickets and affordable travel package or accommodation price that is anywhere close to meager?

With humanity taking a lighter road to life, people are more and more growing passionate of traveling to faraway places. That could be to learn about the place’s history, to explore deeper meaning in life or just to enjoy and fall in love with life more.  Well, there are worldwide flights flying to vast number of destinations being operated by major international airlines.

The upsurge in traveling among people has given rise to the number of travel consultants, travel companies, budget accommodation like hotels, inns, hostels, guesthouses, and innumerable online travel portals. All these claim to offer cheapest travel deals that include cheap flights, lowest rate hotel stays etc. But how many of these faculties turn out to be true to their word? Large number of tourists has often been duped of their money, where some are shown lesser priced travel package but charged unbelievingly higher on the spot. Many online travel portals have been caught in fraudulent credit card transactions and many tourists are stranded alone in the middle of nowhere even when they have booked their car long back from a car rental company.

At Hoodaki.com, we understand and empathize with worldwide travelers who have been through all these unfortunate incidents. Founded in the year of 1984, we are a travel firm, which is comprised of individuals who have passion for travel, and who are very well aware of countless events that may or may not happen to a journeyer.

On the start, we are a UK based travel company and we offer mind blowing wholesome travel packages that include cheap flights from London, cheap hotel bookings and cheap car rentals! At our door, everything is cheapest.

In order to manage your finances well, we highly uphold Partial Payment Programme under which you can pay an agreed upon deposit amount (price of the package or deal), and settle the balance later. This way you won’t lose any great discounted deal and also properly arrange for your holidays and other on-the-way expenditure.

Unlike other travel companies, we strongly believe in transparent pricing. Our advertised travel price quotes are same all the way down to confirming your booking. We do not entertain hidden charges and fees, or levy extra taxes.

Leaving all the daily hustle and bustle of a city life, people travel to de-stress, and gain peace of mind and love of life. We help in maintaining that peace of mind of our clients by selling them cheaper than cheapest flight deals and other travel requisites.

Happy Journeying!!!


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