Friday, 5 September 2014

Mumbai - The Sea-Facing City with Incredible Landmarks

Mumbai enchants visitors for its magnificent coastline and numerous ancient and colonial landmarks. It is a dream city for many Indians who come here in large number every day to try their luck in the largest film industry of the country. Besides, the city is also a prime destination for fashion shows and fun events. As the most commercialized city of India, it is always the preferred choice for the foreign and local companies to set up their bases. It is no wonder that that Mumbai has grown to become the richest city in South Asia.

Tourists like to see the city that has made the country proud, and also contains a number of places they can go for the best of holiday experiences. Businessmen often need to take last minute flights to Mumbai for one or the other reason. Tourists, on the other hand, want to plan well in advance for good discounts on travel deals. Hoodaki, a well-known travel company in the UK, offers services to both kinds of travelers. The specialization of the company helps travelers fly at the most affordable prices. The company is recognized by IATA and ATOL, and has business relationships with over 50 international airlines. As a result, it has no difficulty in offering great discounts on flight and hotel deals.

Here are some of the incredible landmarks to see for travelers on Mumbai holidays.
  • The Gateway of India: The most frequented place in Mumbai is Gateway of India, which has evolved into an iconic landmark identifying the city on the world tourism map. The fascinating arch was built during the colonial era, marking the visit of the British crown in the 19th century. 

  • Elephanta Caves: The rock-cut caves of the ancient era still amuse people taking direct flights to Mumbai for holidays. Located just ten kilometers away from the Gateway of India, on an island of the same name, the caves have been recognized as a World Heritage Site, attracting a huge number of visitors every day.

  • Chowpatty Beach: You will appreciate the festival-like atmosphere at Mumbai beaches, prominent among those are two – Juhu and Chowpatty. Visit either of the beaches for an exotic experience. Though you can’t swim here or do usual beachfront activities, the fun is still there in form of various social activities. Catch the lively spirit of the city dwellers who throng the beaches on weekends, enjoying food, walking along the coastline, and indulging in a variety of recreational activities.

  • Siddhivinayak Temple: Dedicated to Lord Ganesha, Siddivinayak Temple is one of the richest temples of Mumbai. Built by Mr. Laxman Vithu and Mrs Deubai Patil in 1801, the temple has now become a popular destination to seek spiritual peace. 
  • Hanging Garden: If you are looking for a green area within the city, then come to Hanging Garden for some moments of peace and leisure. Located opposite Kamla Nehru Park, the garden is on the Malabar Hills, offering you panoramic views of sunset over the Arabian Sea. Call Hoodaki for the latest information on flights from London to Mumbai and book your tour at the lowest fares.


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