Friday, 8 August 2014

Tips for a Memorable Tour of Chennai

Chennai – the gateway to South India – is steeped in history and culture, and is also known as one of the three IT hubs in the region. Also known as the Detroit of India, Chennai has been a preferred city for auto majors to establish their headquarters and main manufacturing units. 

A tour of the city is inevitable to find out many of the big and small facts that make it an interesting destination in India. For example, it will be a surprising revelation for many to know that the city is home to one of the longest urban beaches in the world. 

If you want to make your tour a memorable experience, then you have to follow some well-tested tips to avoid any inconvenience and also save time and money. The best of all that I can give you to plan well – search for the best travel company, book the cheapest flight, check out the discount offers on hotel deals and go for the best. 

These are just a few things – there can be many more such things which you can only know when you have a reliable agent by your side. Trust Hoodaki to have the best deals on flights from London to Chennai. The company has hundreds of agents who have spent tens of years in the travel industry, helping people fly at the cheapest airfares.

Here are some tried and tested tips for a memorable tour of Chennai. 

Sambhar-Dosa in Chennai

·         As the centre of South Indian culture, Chennai can provide you a quick access to the authentic South Indian food. The ever popular dosa, idli and uttapam are not to be missed. Find a restaurant within your budget and grab a quick bite while you are on your way to some interesting spot in the city.

·         As a center of the ancient Cholas and Pallavas kingdoms, and also the modern Portuguese, Dutch and British rules, Chennai can offer a diverse array of attractions, ranging from ancient temples to colonial churches, to modern skyscrapers. Allot time to justify each section of the attractions and have a comprehensive tour of the city.

·         Budget travelers should try to book cheap flights to Chennai at last minute, so they can have extra money to spend while touring the city. As a highly developed urban center, it can be quite expensive. However, you can minimize the cost of stay and local transportation by availing the same from Hoodaki itself. Yes, it is possible to book hotels and car rentals from an agent of the company.

·         Temples are what make Chennai an exotic destination. These temples are significant not just of architecture, but also as a venue for cultural events. For example, it is possible to have a glimpse of traditional dance and music with a visit to any of these temples.

Shri Kapaleeshwarar Temple in Chennai

·         Want to know about the most famous temple? Well, it is known as Sri Kapaleeshwarar Temple, which is located in Mylapore, a few kilometers from the city center. It is interesting to listen to the stories associated with this ancient temple. Catch London to Chennai flights visit @ and learn many interesting aspect of this hub of South Indian history and culture.


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