Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Islamabad Holidays – A Cool and Green Experience

Nestled in the hills of lush green forests, the city of Islamabad can be a great place for a cool and green experience. Book Islamabad Flights and enjoy pleasant Islamabad holidays with family.
Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is a well-planned city in the Himalayan Mountains. Wrapped in green, the city looks cool and appealing with hills all around and beautiful streets inviting people for a city tour. Vacationers from around the world are giving a serious thought to this incredible city of natural and man-made attractions. It is the cleanest city in the country and is also known for hospitality and friendly natured people. Besides, it also has all kinds of modern amenities, including many good malls and shopping avenues.

Islamabad can be cheaper than many more popular destinations in Asia. It is a comparatively new destination as it has come into existence only in the last fifty years. This means you can easily book Islamabad flights at prices that you are comfortable with. However, in case you didn’t find the price of your choice, then you can seek the assistance of an experienced travel agent. Hoodaki is a place where many such agents can be found. Contact one of these and get you flight booked at the cheapest possible airfare. Moreover, you can also book hotels and other travel-related services at great discounts.

It is possible to have a cool and green experience with Islamabad holidays. Here are some of the tips that can help you explore the city and find out its major attractions and things to do.

  • Take a tour of the city. You will find many usual attractions of a typical tourist-friendly city, such as museum and wildlife areas. Islamabad Museum can offer you a good place to learn a great deal about the city and Pakistan. Tourists with kids and families, on the other hand, can enjoy moments of pleasure at Islamabad Zoo.

  • Being located in the midst of hills and mountains, the real beauty of the city is its cool climate and visual delights of nature. You may not want to miss a hiking opportunity through the labyrinth of many crisscrossed trails, leading you up a good lookout point. Daman e Koh is a well-known viewing point, offering you fabulous views of the city. The iconic Faisal Mosque looks outstanding from Dama e Koh.

  • Travelers taking flights from London to Islamabad will also have a number of places to enjoy moments of leisure. There are many parks and open spaces where you can go and enjoy moments of pleasure with kids and family. Shakerparian is one such place. It is a local park that also includes a hill of the same name. Escape to a world of nature and have lots of great moments on Islamabad holidays.

  • If you are not of the kind to sit idly, there the city can offer a host of interesting activities as well. Surrounded by Margalla Hills, the city is an ideal place to go hiking or trekking, exploring the wonders of nature. If you like to an overview of these hills, then paragliding can be a great way to go adventurous

  • Moreover, you can book flights to Islamabad for activities boating, water-skiing and sailing. Simly Lake is the place to go for these activities.


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