Friday, 27 June 2014

Ibiza Holidays – Go Partying and Beach Hopping

If you are asked to name the ten most popular party destinations in the world, then Ibiza is highly likely to feature in your list. Welcome to the famous Spanish Balearic Island for a memorable tryst with the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. The numerous hotels, resorts and bars make this island a wonderful party destination and obvious one of the best destinations for a fun-filled, youthful vacation.

Romantic couples, youngsters, adventure seekers, nightlife seekers and party animals – all can take Cheap flights to Ibiza for a thrilling holiday experience. Besides, those looking for nature, culture and history can also find many interesting things to do in Ibiza. One must know that the island is filled amazing villages and is famous as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Moreover, travelers on Ibiza holidays can also enjoy great food and local cuisine.

Summer is the best time to enjoy Ibiza holidays. This is also the time when the island is filled with tourists from around the globe who come here to enjoy the sunny, hot and humid months of May through October. It is highly unlikely to find a good travel deal during the peak season. However, Hoodaki can be a ray of hope as it can bring you some really unbelievable offers on flights as well as hotels. If you get in contact with an agent in Hoodaki, you are likely to strike a great deal for Ibiza holidays and go partying and beach hopping with lots of fun and amusement.

Beaches in Ibiza

Beaches are what attract tourists from around the world. However, to enjoy a great party, you also need an eclectic mix of hotels, resorts, bars and restaurants, which can also be found here in plenty. These are what make Ibiza a great party destination. Visit any of the beaches and find crowds that are in absolute party moods. Among the major beaches popular with party animals on Ibiza holidays include Playa Talamanca, Santa Eulalia, Playa des Cana, Cala Lena and Cala Llonga.

 The summer island of Ibiza indeed has an amazing line of exotic beaches that make it a wonderful tourist destination for beach lovers, party animals, nightlife seekers and people who wish to enjoy lots of sand, water and sun. Besides, there is also a huge scope for lovers of adventure sports, including some thrilling water sports also. Snorkeling and Scuba diving are, by far, the most popular water sports here. Moreover, tourists on Ibiza holidays can also find facilities for golf and go-karting.

Other Attractions in Ibiza

The Island of Ibiza is not devoid of other attractions also. Shopping buffs can have a great time exploring the hippy market located on the property of Punta Arabi, Es Cana. Another market is held on Wednesday near Santa Eulalia where you can buy a variety of things, such as clothing articles, batik wraps and jewelry.
Among the fascinating landmarks include C’an Marca Caves, which offer magnificent views of stalactites and stalagmites. Travelers on Ibiza holidays can also find here a few temples and enjoy the impressive light and sound show. Another tourism highlight of the island is Galleria Van der Voort housing a beautiful collection of pictures, art masterpieces from great artists.


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