Monday, 12 May 2014

Manila – A Remarkable Place to Consider for Holidays

Manila is becoming more and more cosmopolitan with a good number of foreigners choosing it to settle permanently. Though situated in Asia, it looks more like a European city because of the language, culture and lifestyle of the people living here. English is widely spoken and understood and churches can be seen everywhere in the city. Besides, the people here are quite friendly and welcome visitors with open arms.

Located inside the west coast islands in Luzon, Manila serves as the capital of the Philippines, the only Christian country in Asia. Vacationers can enjoy the pristine natural beauty of this Far East destination with cheap flights to Manila from London. Though not as popular as some of the more famous destinations in the region, it has started to gain the attention of travelers who look for a fresh, nice place for holidays in budget. Contact an experienced travel agent at for more information on budget-friendly Manila holidays.

Here are some of the things that makes Manila a truly remarkable place to consider for holidays:-

  • Intramuros: The high-walled town of Intramuros is a must see no matter for how long you are going to stay here. It is home to the historic Manila Cathedral and San Agustin Church. Moreover, you can see here an outstanding example of Spanish architecture in the form of Fort Santiago, which has now been refurbished to return to its former glory. Intramuros is, in fact, the oldest part of the city were you can seen remarkable specimens of architecture from a bygone era. Moreover, tourists on Manila holidays can also find museums, restaurants and local shops.
Fort Santiago
Fort Santiago
  • Manila Ocean Park: Change your perspective of holidays with direct flights to Manila. The recently opened Manila Ocean Park has quickly become one of the most fabulous sights in the city. This gigantic ocean park is surely a must-see for tourists vacationing in Manila with kids and family. Located near to Rizal Park, a notable landmark in the city, Manila Ocean Park is a multi-million, state-of-the-art giant oceanarium that offers spectacular views of marine ecosystems.
  • San Sebastian Basilica: Just a few hundred meters from the Quiapo district, along Plaza Del Carmen, stands the Basilica of San Sebastian, which is famous as the only prefabricated all-steel church in Asia. It is said that the design and construction of the basilica was a brainchild of Gustave Eiffel, the man behind the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The best way to look at the church is to stand right outside. From there, you can see more details of this great piece of Gothic architecture.
The Basilica of San Sebastian
The Basilica of San Sebastian
  • Jeepney: Travelers taking flights from London to Manila should note that they are going to experience something unique and amazing as well. For example, the sight of colorful Jeepney can thrill you. Originally made from US military jeeps, jeepneys are defined by their flamboyant decoration and typically crowded seating. A jeepney ride will indeed be a lifetime experience for anybody on Manila holidays. Call Hoodaki to get your flight booked at the most budgeted price.


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