Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Top Four Things to Do in Barcelona

Barcelona captivates the hearts of visitors for its unique architecture, dramatic coastline and a rich heritage. Fine dining and shopping are also among the best things to do for families. Architecture is what attracts tourists to Barcelona and when you talk about it you can never forget to see the remarkable works of an ingenious architect known as Antoni Gaudi.

Sagrada Familia is the best architectural achievement of Antoni Gaudi, but it is still under construction. Nevertheless, the remarkable cathedral has become the top attraction for the visitors taking London to Barcelona flights. Explore the city for more architectural landmarks and other attractions, including some of the best beaches of the world.

   1. Visit Parc Guell: Probably, the most well-known creations of Gaudi after Sagrada Familia is Parc Guell, which is filled with unusually pleasant buildings and sculptures. The park is also popular with children for its fairytale buildings and fun attractions. Visitors are all praise of beautiful mosaic and tile works and amazing stone sculptures that characterize Parc Guell.

   2. Ramble down Las Ramblas: Walking down the beautiful streets of Las Ramblas can be another great way to feel the spirit of Barcelona. One of the most famous strips in the world, Las Ramblas is filled with a never-ending array of sculptures, shops, food stalls, restaurants, flower vendors and more. Finding cheap tickets to Barcelona is never a difficult proposition when you seek the assistance of travel experts like Hoodaki. Book an affordable flight, visit the city and ramble down Las Ramblas. You will experience more than you might have expected.

   3. Head for a Beach: You will understand why Barcelona is one of the top beach destinations in the world when you visit Barceloneta, the best of all beaches that the city has to offer. Located very near to the city center, the 4-km-long beach seems a perfect place for you to laze around for long hours under the blazing sun. Bars and cafes are there to pamper you as often as you wish. Another great option would be to visit Icaria Beach, which is less crowded and more peaceful.

   4. Enjoy a tour of Picasso Museum: The name of the museum is enough to excite art lovers and even those not having much interest in arts and paintings. The museum houses a collection of over 3,800 art works of Picasso. Most of these paintings echoed the thoughts and feelings of a young Picasso. Begin a search for the cheapest flights to Barcelona and plan your vacation in Spain.And book your flights with Hoodaki flights to Barcelona


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