Thursday, 10 October 2013

Four Famous Tourist Attractions in Guangzhou

From historic temples to modern landmarks, Guangzhou offers a diverse range of attractions to enchant visitors. It has a long history and has always welcomed foreign visitors which came here either for trade or tourism. Today, the city has a vibrant culture and the most cosmopolitan outlook in the country. It still continues to serve as a port city and an important hub for foreign trade and commerce.

An essential part of Guangzhou tourism is a cruise along the Pearl River, which is a major natural landmark here. Sightseeing and visiting important temples, historic sites and modern landmarks are other popular activities. As a Chinese destination, it also offers a great opportunity for bargain shopping for travelers taking flights to Guangzhou. Moreover, it also offers the authentic taste of world-renowned Chinese food.

File:Canton pagoda de las flores.JPG1. The Temple of Six Banyan Trees: Situated in Chaoyang Beilu Street, the Temple of Six Banyan Trees was built in AD 537 to house one of Buddha’s bones. The temple is named so after the six banyan trees which once stood in the courtyard. The temple complex consists of a Flower Pagoda, the Hall of the Goddess of Mercy, and the Hall of the Sixth Patriarch. The Flower Pagoda, which is the main structure of the temple, is crowned with a richly decorated bronze column. The Hall of the Goddess of Mercy houses a bronze statue of a Chinese goddess of love while the Hall of the Sixth Patriarch has an admirable statue of the monk Huineng, the founder of the Southern School of Chan (Zen) Buddhism.

2. Yuexiu Gongyuan Park: Situated at the foot of a hill of the same name, Yuexiu Gongyuan Park features a hall of flowers, an orchid garden, a sports complex, an open-air cinema and several ponds. The Park is also home to landmarks like Sun-Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Five Rams Statue, Zhenhai Tower and the Historical Museum of Guangzhou. Travelers taking flights to Guangzhou will definitely find Yuexiu Park an ideal place for fun and relaxation.

3. Shamian Island: Located in the southwest of the city, Shamian Island looks more Western than Chinese as it was not until 1949 when it came under Chinese administration from foreign influence. The island is linked with the mainland by several bridges. The Chinese lost the island to the English and French during Opium Wars who built their consulates as well as many villas, banks, churches, tennis courts and sailing clubs. A trip to Shamian Island will unfold its interesting history with many colonial landmarks, including some of the well-preserved large consulates.Hoodaki flights to China

4. Canton Tower: A multi-purpose observation tower located in Haizhu District of Guangzhou, Canton Tower is certainly one of the tallest structures in China, if not the tallest one. The 600-meter tower has an indoor public observatory at 449 meter above the ground. It also has one of the highest and largest outdoor observation decks in the world. The tower also features sixteen transparent passenger cars to carry people around the edge of the tower’s roof. Travelers Book flights to Guangzhou from London can enjoy magnificent views of the city from the top of Canton Tower.


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