Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Four Amazing Sites to Visit in St Lucia

St Lucia has to offer a range of amazing sites comprised of beaches, volcanic mountains, plantation areas, tropical rainforests and more. One of the most beautiful and exotic islands on the Caribbean, St Lucia enchants visitors for its lush green environment, unspoiled stretch of wilderness, sparkling waters and beautiful landscapes. Plenty of leisure activities, outstanding scenic views and great food promise a really wonderful holiday experience in St Lucia.

The island is unique in many respects. It is home to world’s only known drive-in volcano. The Pitons are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and are extremely popular with the tourists taking tickets to St Lucia and visiting there on their favorite flights. Nightlife seekers would find a unique party atmosphere at Gros Island, while adventure lovers can explore almost the entire island using zip lines. There are shops, restaurants, bars and entertainment centers to give you more to experience

1. Marigot Bay: Head south of the island, down to the Cul de Sac Valley with its endless banana plantations, to reach a breathtaking harbor known as Marigot Bay. It is a historical area where the pirates used to park their ships. It is also where the movie Dr Doolittle was shot. An extremely beautiful harbor, it is filled with activities that the entire family can enjoy. Visitors can find here immaculate beaches and myriads of leisure activities, such as sailing, fishing and whale watching.

2. Pigeon Island National Park: A great place to learn a bit of history, Pigeon Island features a colonial fort, an interactive museum, beaches and lush greenery. Located on the north side of Castries, the National Park makes a great day out for travelers interested in exploring grasslands and dry tropical forests. Accessibility is no longer an issue as the island is linked with the mainland by a causeway. Travelers seeking information about tickets to St Lucia must include Pigeon Island National Park in their top priority list.

3. The Pitons: The best part of a St Lucia trip is the opportunity to have a great look on the majestic Pitons – the mountain duo named as Gros Piton and Petit Piton. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Pitons are acknowledged for their awe-inspiring peaks and cultural values. Travelers can easily scale the Petit Piton, but they need the help of a skilled guide to climb the Gros Piton, which is the taller of the two. The beach between the two volcanic mountains is a hub for swimmers and scuba divers. Visitors can also find a number of stands selling drinks, food and souvenirs.

4. The Soufriere Volcano: Also known locally as Suphur Springs, the Soufriere Volcano offers you a unique opportunity – to watch an active volcano in action. The sights of bubbling mud and steam expelling fumaroles can leave you wonder-struck for several moments. You are not likely to forget the sight of seven square mile caldera. Moreover, you get an opportunity to bathe in the healing mud and to rinse in a volcanic pool. Confirm your Cheap tickets to St Lucia with Hoodaki flights and enjoy a fantastic vacation with family.


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