Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Different Beaches for Different People in Bali

Bali amazes for its wide variety of beaches. Whether you are a family with kids or a party lover, you will find something of your interest on this island of beauty. There are beaches for couples who have just married and people who love water sports, such surfing. Bali is quite famous for its array of world-class surfing beaches. Leisure activities, such as sunbathing and swimming are also possible here.

Despite being a part of Indonesia, Bali is characterized with a rich cultural heritage and myriads of enchanting temples. Some temples and cultural attractions are located close to popular beaches. Mountains, caves, forests and other natural attractions can also be explored. The growing tourism industry and availability of many cheap flights to Bali give you a strong reason to book your flight and enjoy myriads of beaches.

 · Seminyak Beach: Luxury travelers may find Seminyak just the perfect town for their vacation. The elites can enjoy a variety of luxury amenities besides a quick access to a beautiful, gray sand beach. Soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the panoramic view of the ocean at Seminyak Beach.
· Tanjung Benoa: If you love water sports and your interest does not confine to surfing alone, then Tanjung Benoa is where you should go. The beach has to offer a number of water-borne activities, such as jetski, banana boat, parasailing, flying fish, snorkeling and diving, besides, of course, surfing.

· Kuta Beach: Whoever comes to Bali for the first time makes it a point to visit the town of Kuta, which is a tourist hub with numerous bars, clubs, souvenir shops, shopping centers and hotels. The area is particularly popular with backpackers who find affordable accommodation in nearby areas. If you travel on cheap flights to Bali, you are likely to end up staying at Kuta. The beach, which is perfectly suitable for a variety of activities, such as surfing and sunbathing, has become a favorite with party lovers and nightlife seekers.

· Jimbaran Beach: Newlyweds will find nothing better than Jimbaran Beach, which transforms into a perfect romantic destination after sunset. The beach has cafes and small restaurants offering fresh sea food in the most desirable romantic setting. Families and couples can enjoy dinners while looking at the beach illuminated by torch lights.

· Sanur Beach: Surfers head straight for Sanur Beach, which has excellent surfing amenities for beginners as well as experts. Divers of all levels of expertise come here for a great holiday experience. Located just east of Denpasar, Sanur Beach is ideal for watching sunrises.And enjoy with Hoodaki cheap flights

· Lovina Beach: If you are with kids, make sure to visit Lovina Beach located in North Bali. The beach is famous for the sights of wild dolphins that come every day between 6 to 8 o’clock in the morning. Travelers can catch cheap flights to Bali and visit Lovina Beach before sunrise to watch amazing dolphins in action.


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