Friday, 20 September 2013

Las Vegas: Offbeat Tourist Attractions in US

Las Vegas is America’s playground, if not the world’s. Though it is true that many Asian destinations have emerged to subdue the domination of Sin City as a de facto land of casinos, hotels and parties, the charm of Las Vegas is still pulling the crowds, not from America alone but from the entire world. The city continues to attract people for the obvious reasons. However, a new dimension has been added to the hitherto image of a city for adults only. Now the city appeals equally to families and those seeking fun, adventure and nature.

It was not common for families to plan a tour of Las Vegas some years ago. Today, families are considering a long vacation and come here in anticipation of some really great fun. Tourism infrastructure is undergoing a significant positive change. People have already sensed this. No wonder, travel companies are getting enquiries for packaged holiday tours and discount airfares to Las Vegas. A significant number of tourists do not head for the Strip as soon as they arrive in the city. Instead, they choose some little-known, offbeat attractions that offer a good family experience.

Offbeat Tourist Attractions in Las Vegas
 Some offbeat tourist attractions in Las Vegas include the following:

• Atomic Testing Museum: Las Vegas lies in the US State of Nevada, which is a world-renowned Atomic testing site in the country. You do not need to scale to vastness of Nevada desert for an incredible experience. All you need to experience the same is to visit Atomic Testing Museum, which spans over 8,000 square foot and contains enriching exhibits on the United States nuclear development program. A treat for science and history buffs, the Atomic Testing Museum showcases some amazing videos in its giant screens and a theatre. Moreover, there are many other artifacts and stuffs that you must see. Enquire about affordable airfares to Las Vegas and plan your trip to the city.

• Pinball Hall of Fame: You will certainly be enthralled and a bit surprised to see the world’s biggest collection of pinball equipments. You can enjoy a wide variety of pinball games and know about some novelty machines and classic arcade games as well. It would be an unusual site, but you will have a lot of fun.

• Vegas Indoor Skydiving: Try something for real fun and adventure. Go skydiving and feel the sudden adrenalin rush in your body. You are not going to forget the moment for the rest of your life. Visit the skydiving activity center and get a feel of how it feels like jumping out of a plane. There is no safety concern as the entire thing happens indoors. Contact your travel agent and seek information about current airfares to Las Vegas. Book a suitable flight and enjoy the enthralling moments with Hoodaki travels


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