Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Fly to St Lucia – A Natural Paradise in the Caribbean

The tropical island of St Lucia seems a natural paradise, enchanting visitors with striking scenery and numerous fun-filled activities. Vacationers looking for a typical Caribbean holiday should consider the island for something more than what they can experience ordinarily. Come here for a day or two, or spend an entire week, exploring its various attractions; you will definitely be spoiled for choice with the myriads of tour possibilities.

Founded and developed by the colonial French and British, St Lucia is endowed with a rich heritage, which can be explored through various tours and excursions. Travelers fly to St Lucia for a mixed experience of natural as well as man-made landmarks. Besides mountains, beaches and picturesque sites, they can also see many interesting ruins, colonial landmarks and historical structures. The tourism industry is quite developed, leading to the establishment of many first-class hotels, restaurants and bars. A range of hotel accommodation and other amenities provide equal holidaying opportunities for luxury travelers and those traveling on budget.

Natural Attractions in St Lucia

Some of the major natural landmarks in St Lucia include the following:

• Pigeon Island National Park: Apart from the scenic landscape, visitors can experience here a lot of history. The island features a fortified area that was established by British Admiral George Rodney. The purpose of the fort is to protect the island from the French fleet based at Martinique, an island located near St Lucia. The fort is remarkably well preserved, offering awe-inspiring sights of barracks, magazines and a signal station, some in ruins while others in pretty good condition. Fly to St Lucia and see some historical sites used by the Americans during World War II.

• The Pitons: If you are looking for something that you don’t forget so easily, then the Pitons will definitely serve your purpose. These refer to two volcanic mountains are that active – Gros Piton and Petit Piton. To see these natural landmarks, you need to visit the town of Soufriere, which is not very far from the capital city. These mountains are World Heritage Sites as well as the most iconic attractions of the Caribbean.

• The Sulphur Springs: While you are in the town of Soufriere, you should not miss another spectacular attraction, the Sulphur Springs. A natural wonder, this large area of hot springs and stream vents is thronged by visitors of all kinds. The hot springs contain very high concentration of minerals and other objects that are good for health. If you don’t want to miss a healthy bath in the Sulphur Springs, then you must fly to St Lucia and visit Soufriere with Hoodaki flights UK. Visit the site early in the morning and stay away from harmful gases to undergo a natural therapeutic treatment.


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