Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Cheap Tickets to Wellington – Top Things to See and Do

Being the capital of New Zealand, Wellington offers best-of-the-class tourist amenities in the country. A wide range of hotels, restaurants, bars and shopping sites are available to suit every pocket. An ideal vacation destination for families and fun-seeking individuals, Wellington also has a vast array of attractions and things to see and do. There are museums, wildlife areas, fun sports, art exhibitions and theatre performances to have a great time in New Zealand’s capital.

Wellington is home to country’s largest museum and some unique sights. Visitors can experience delightful cable car tours or go kayaking around the harbor. Sightseeing, wildlife tours, and waterborne activities are some of the rewards for travelers taking pains in finding cheap tickets to Wellington. The culture of the country can best be experienced with a trip to its capital city. Moreover, the city also attracts people seeking adventure or entertainment.

Top Things to Do in Wellington

Some of the popular activities in Wellington include the following:

• Explore History and Culture: Probably the best place in New Zealand to learn about the history and culture of the country is the Te Papa National Museum. One of the most interactive museums in the world, it gives you a true feel of New Zealand with its interesting collections. The artifacts housed by the museum can be categorized broadly into subjects like geology, geography, culture, history and arts. Travelers looking for cheap tickets to Wellington will certainly be pleased to know that the entrance to the museum is totally free for all.

• Discover Exotic Wildlife: You will be delighted to have so many options for wildlife discovery. Visit Kapiti Island for wonderful sights of many unique animals and birds, or take a Seal Coast safari to encounter a variety of seals and also enjoy beautiful views along the coast. For less adventurous travelers and families, Wellington Zoo can be an easily accessible option. The zoo can offer you sights of many native animals as well as those brought from across the world.

• Enjoy Interesting Activities: New Zealand is a place for adventure-seeking and fun-loving people. Go mountain biking and explore natural surroundings like the Hutt Valley and the Kapiti Coast. The long coastline of the country invites you for some really fantastic time in the sea. Go kayaking or canoeing and explore the harbor. Those who know and have experience can dive to see the spectacular world under water and explore things like shipwrecks and corals. Sounds interesting, huh! Then go for cheap tickets to Wellington as soon as possible. Book your flights with Hoodaki travels UK and have a memorable family vacation in New Zealand.


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