Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Cheap Tickets to Durban – Most Enjoyable Sites to Visit

Durban is ideal for a family vacation. Beaches, mountains, shopping, water parks, fun attractions, wildlife attractions, dining, are, entertainment – did we miss anything? Well, almost anything is possible in this versatile city, which is also planning to host the Olympics Games if its bid for the 2020 version of the Games is passed by World Olympic Authorities. Whether it succeeds or not in the bidding process, one thing is clear that the city has come to compete with the best of the cities worldwide. Tourists considering a trip to Durban will certainly have a great time ahead.

Durban is the second largest city in South Africa, after Johannesburg, and is extremely popular with international tourists. The notion of a landscape filled with many exciting spots cause a large number of international travelers to look for cheap tickets to Durban. Beautiful beaches offer you an opportunity to swim in the Indian Ocean. Tourists and vacationers are more after water-borne activities, and so, the harbor of Natal Bay and beaches like Tekwini Beach, Cave Rock Beach, Laguna Beach, and Country Club Beach are thronged with people of all sorts.

Most Enjoyable Sites in Durban

Some of the most pleasurable sites in Durban include the following:

• uShaka Marine World: Taking about the water-borne attractions, one can’t miss out the one and only in South Africa, uShaka Marine World. The attractive theme park is comprised of many interesting sections. uShaka Sea World is a very large aquarium with many tanks and a staggering number of animals. uShaka Wet ‘n Wild attracts young and old with its numerous thrilling rides. uShaka Beach offers you an access to a real beach while uShaka Village Walk ensures that you never go hungry with several restaurants, cafes and shops. Travelers with a passion for waterborne activities do not even care for the cheap tickets to Durban. However, you might want to explore the opportunity and make best use of your monetary resources.

• Fitzsimon’s Snake Park: While in South Africa, you should not miss to see amazing wildlife that the continent of Africa is known worldwide. Fitzsimon’s Snake Park takes on an interesting aspect of African wildlife with its collection of over 120 indigenous snake species. Be adventurous to see some of the deadliest animals of the world – mambas, cobras and puff adders, to name just a few here. The park is also home to animals like crocodiles, iguanas and tortoises. There are interesting snake feeding and venom collecting shows for visitors.

• Gateway Shopping Center:
A trip to Durban seems incomplete without a visit the largest shopping mall in Africa. The Gateway Shopping Center features more than 350 stores and over 70 restaurants. Moreover, it has several movie theatres, Nouveau Cinemas, an IMAX theatre, a theme park and several other attractions for visitors. Cheap tickets to Durban give you an opportunity to visit one of the most outstanding malls of the world with Hoodaki Holidays


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