Monday, 2 September 2013

Cheap Tickets to Bogota – Explore the Hidden Gems of a Fabulous Destination

Columbia is no longer a daunting place for international travelers. The country is back on the path of peaceful life and prosperous economy. Tourism has begun to play a vital role in catapulting its economy on the one hand and introducing its rich heritage to the foreign visitors on the other hand. Bogota, being the capital of the country, is likely to get the first attention from the tourists. Moreover, it is also the largest city in the country, dwarfing the second largest city by half the size. So, it is likely to see an unprecedented surge in the number of travelers taking flights to Bogota.

Budget travelers and backpackers, as a result, have found a new destination to explore, thus saving a lot of money on cheap tickets to Bogota. Visiting a city that has not been traveled by many can bring you in the league of select few who have brand new stories to tell their friends and families. Your stories are going to be as enthralling as you wish these to be. The city of Bogota is filled with a number of diverse attractions – museums, churches, public places, parks, and historical sites. Have a nice time while visiting these places and enjoy the great food and culture that Colombia is famous for.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Bogota

Some of the popular sites to visit in Bogota include the following:

• Monserrate: The skyline of Bogota is dominated by the majestic peak of Monserrate, which is home to a beautiful Roman Catholic Sanctuary. Enjoy a funicular ride or take a cable car to climb 2,000 feet above the city and take delight in the magnificent sights of cityscape. There are attractions like a church, gardens, and souvenir shops that can give you a cause to stay here for more time. Nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers can grab the unbelievable offers of cheap tickets to Bogota for a really unique experience with Hoodaki flight

• Bolivia Plaza: The most famous square in Columbia, named after the greatest personality of South America, Bolivia Plaza is definitely the heart of the country, with people of all sorts thronging it at all time. A popular tourist destination as well, Bolivia Plaza is home to the Colombian House and Senate, the Supreme Court, the Presidential Palace known as Casa de Narino, and the nation’s first cathedral known as the Catedral Primada.

• Museo de Oro: Literally it means the Museum of Gold, which is not just the name, but actually what it contains. Astonished! Yes, it’s true. The museum houses an extraordinary selection of pre-Hispanic gold work collection, making it the world’s largest museum in the category. Among the 55,000 pieces of pre-Hispanic artwork includes the famous raft of Guatavita, which is a source of El Dorado legend. Take advantage of cheap tickets to Bogota and get to see such a large collection of gold pieces at Museo de Oro.


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