Friday, 27 September 2013

Sydney Architectural city Splendor to See

Sydney is noted for its outstanding architecture, which is reflective in a number of landmarks that dot its picturesque landscape. The most visited city in Australia, it draws visitors from across the globe for the wonderful landmarks like the Harbor Bridge and Opera House. There are many others which greatly enhance the splendor of the city. A sightseeing tour involving visits to these fabulous structures will definitely make you feel something different. Alongside, you will enjoy a great shopping and dining experience as the city has a number of world-class restaurants, hotels and shopping destinations.

Sydney enchants visitors for its magnificent landscape and myriads of beaches. Tourists envy the lifestyle that Sydneysiders enjoy. One should miss an opportunity to feel the laidback atmosphere and relax in the cool ambience of a world-class city. Enquiries regarding airfares to Sydney are always on a high side. This reveals how popular the city is with the Europeans and visitors from other parts of the world. Besides enjoying the architectural grandeur, visitors can also experience a number of other sights and attractions.

Architectural Landmarks to See in Sydney

Some of the most famous architectural landmarks in Sydney include the following:

• Sydney Harbor Bridge: One of the two iconic structures in the city, the Harbor Bridge represents not just Sydney but the entire country. A visitor on a tour of Australia must come back with a photograph of his own at the backdrop of the Harbor Bridge. The fantastic bridge looks quite impressive after sunset when all lights are on. Moreover, you are also recommended to take a walk on the bridge and enjoy the splendid beauty of the harbor. Travelers seeking information about airfares to Sydney fancy about their proposed visit to one of the most iconic landmarks of the country.

• Sydney Opera House: Another magnificent piece of architecture is the Opera House, which is also regarded as an iconic landmark of the city. The views of the landmark are incomparable and you will just fall in love with its architectural beauty. Visitors can see the both the iconic landmarks while taking a walk around the Opera House. One should try to visit the place just before sunset and stay there until night. It is unlikely that you will ever forget the sights of these two landmarks ever in your life.  Enjoy the beauty of architectural marvels while sipping your favorite drink at the Opera bar which is located between the two landmarks.

• Sydney Tower: Visiting the tallest free standing structure in the city should also be in your priority list. Marvel at the architecture of Sydney Tower and climb to its observation deck for a wonderful view of the city. Check airfares to Sydney at your local agent and book your flight  with Hoodaki travel agents as soon as possible.


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