Thursday, 20 June 2013

Top Ten Tourist Attractions in Auckland

Auckland is getting popularity as an ideal vacation destination. People from all over the world have started to visit the city and explore its various attractions. The unique geographical location of the city makes it a wonderful place. It allows visitors to relax and indulge in a variety of leisure activities. Waterfront attractions as well as the interesting places to see on the land will make your vacation a memorable event. Long coastline, beautiful beaches, amazing islands, exotic wildlife, splendid landmarks, and excellent shopping are some of the reasons why you should fly to Auckland.

Most Popular Attractions in Auckland

The city has a number of places worth visiting. However, we will mention only the ten attractions that are most popular with foreign travelers and holidaymakers.

1. SkyWalk can easily find a place in the list of tallest structures of the world. The best views of the city can be had from this famous architectural landmark. Adventure lovers can try bungee jumping and fun-loving people can visit one of the two casinos or any of the several restaurants located in SkyWalk complex.

2. Auckland Harbor Bridge may not be as famous as Sydney Harbor Bridge, but it is quite popular with adventure seekers. It is a major site in the city to enjoy adventure sports like climbing, abseiling and bungy jumping. Moreover, you will love the scenic views from the Bridge.

3. Auckland Museum is a must-visit site if you want to know more about the history and culture of New Zealand’s largest ethnic group known as Maori. The museum has a number of other attractions as well, which are neatly categorized and displayed separately in three different galleries dedicated to history, ethnology and art.

4. Auckland Art Gallery is an ideal place to appreciate the art heritage of New Zealand. The gallery houses a number of masterpieces created by local artists. Besides that, the gallery also features a collection of paintings by European painters.

5. Auckland Zoo: This might be one of the many reasons why you should fly to Auckland with kids. The zoo is the best place to see Kiwis and other exotic species of New Zealand. Children will enjoy taking a trip to one of the largest zoos of the country.

6. Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World is another reason why you must visit the city with kids. It is an amazing place where you will discover interesting facts about marine wildlife and habitats of Antarctic. Enjoy the awesome sights of sharks, stingrays and a number of other aquatic animals at Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World.

7. Rangitoto Island is indeed a beautiful island and you would just love to visit it. Take a ferry and explore the island to discover the largest Pohutukawa forest in the world besides many other interesting features.

8. Mission Bay is where you should be heading for if you are feeling hungry. It has many great restaurants that offer an array of menu choices. Enjoy food and also the picturesque views. You can also have a picnic on the beach.

9. Viaduct Harbor is another great place to enjoy shopping, dining and plenty of fun sports. It is also home to the Maritime Museum where artifacts related to New Zealand’s maritime are put on exhibition.

10. Rainbow’s End Amusement Park is a place packed with wonderful rides and fun attractions. Fly to Auckland with kids and enjoy a wide selection of roller coasters at Rainbow’s End Amusement Park.And Book your flights with Hoodaki travel agents and enjoy cheap & discounted tickets for special occasion.


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