Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Explore the Wonderland of the world with Flights to Orlando

Call it a wonderland or a dreamland, Orlando has it all to transform your holidays into a fairy tale story. Come to explore the magical world of Walt Disney. It is where the world’s most popular attraction for the kids and adults is located. Come to explore Walt Disney World Resort – the home to famous theme parks of the city.

If you think Orlando is all about theme parks for kids, then you are wrong. There is life beyond Disneyland in this city.  A great number of travelers take flights to Orland with Hoodaki holidays for reasons other than theme parks.

Locals regard the city as the Hollywood of the East. Movie buffs are going to like the city the same way as the kids do. There is no shortage of fine dining and shopping also. The night sparkles with glowing nightclubs and resplendent bars.

Orlando Theme Parks – The Ultimate in the World
There is no denying that a majority of travelers take flights to Orlando for its iconic theme parks. The parks are an attraction for kids as well as adults. Some of the most popular among these may include the following:

• Magic Kingdom: Located at Walt Disney World Resort, this is the oldest theme park, but still rules the heart of young children with a wide array of attractions.

• Animal Kingdom: One of the most popular theme parks in Orlando, Animal Kingdom is also found within Walt Disney World Resort. Major attractions include DinoLand, Discovery Island and Oasis.

• Wizarding World: Located at Universal Orlando Resort, Wizarding World introduces you to the magical world of Harry Potter. Explore the resort for more such attractions with flights to Orlando.

• SeaWorld: Enjoy thrilling water rides at this famous theme park in Orlando. The main water park is known as Aquatica with attractions like tube slides, racing slides and bowl rides.

• Gatorland: Enjoy a thrilling ride on an airboat to cruise through a swamp. Discover alligators as you explore the vast wildlife park, nicknamed as the alligator capital of the world.


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