Friday, 17 May 2013

Planning a Family Trip to Las Vegas – Check out These Famous Attractions

Is Las Vegas is suitable for kids? Yes. Some of the most famous attractions for kids are located right on the infamous Las Vegas Strip. Yes, you hear it right. The hub of world-famous casinos is home to some of the wonderful sights that can titillate kids and adults alike. Another major casino hotspot is Fremont Street, which also hosts a couple for free attractions that are popular with kids.

Make sure to include these famous attractions in your tour itinerary when you book flights to Las Vegas.

• The Bellagio Fountain: A sight to behold – the Bellagio Fountain enchants you with its magical appeal. As soon as the show starts, the water springs up from the fountains and starts dancing rhythmically. The ambience created by the dancing fountain spellbinds the visitors for as long as the music plays.

• The Volcanic Show at the Mirage: Ever thought of a volcanic eruption that leaves you in extreme delight? It would be a wonderful experience to feel the earth beneath you crumble and see the sky all filled with smoke and fire. Don’t let it be a dream to be there. Book flights to Las Vegas and be there right away.

• MGM Grand Hotel’s Lion Habitat: Another wonderful sight on the Las Vegas Strip, Lion Habitat refers to a special area designated at MGM Grand Hotel for lions. You can see lions prowling through a glass walkway tunnel.

• Fremont Street Experience: Abbreviated as FSE, it is actually a pedestrian mall located in downtown Las Vegas. The biggest attraction is a barrel vault canopy that is as high as 90 ft and covers as many as four blocks in length. Considered as the world’s largest display screen, the canopy lights up to entertain visitors with interesting light and sound shows. Don’t wait for long and book flights to Las Vegas with Hoodaki to experience this exception sight for free.

• The Stratosphere Tower: Climb to the top of the tallest observation tower in the US with a trip to Las Vegas. It is not only the tallest landmark in the city but also a home to many exciting rides and adventure sports. However, it may cost you dearly to fully enjoy the attractions of the Stratosphere.


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