Friday, 5 October 2012

Parramatta in Sydney Comes Alive in November with the Australian Festival of South Asian Arts

Parramatta is set to host the third annual Parramasala – an Australian Festival of South Asian Arts – in November. The fest will offer a diverse assortment of entertainment and dining during the four days of the gala. Dance, music, comedy, theatre, film, traditional cuisine typical to South Asian tastes and styles will amuse the locals and visitors from 8-11 November, 2012.

A district of Sydney located in the west, Parramatta is often termed as the second CBD of Sydney. It is also the second oldest European settlement on the Australian mainland and home to the biggest population of South Asian communities in Australia. Parramasala is an annual festival dedicated to highlighting the diversity of South Asian arts and culture and their influence on Australia.

Last year the festival attracted more than 50,000 attendees with a majority of visitors coming from outside the Parramatta region. This year also the festival is expected to draw a huge crowd from across the country and also from outside Australia. Many airlines offer cheap Hoodaki flights to Sydney which has made it easy for the tourists to come here too often and enjoy its never-ending spree of festivals and annual events.

The Parramasala program this year will feature around 100 performances and shows at multiple venues. Riverside Theatres and Town Hall Square located in Church Street are the two hot spots of festivities. Performers from England, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, France, New Zealand, and Australia will keep the spectators enthralled during the four days of artistic and cultural transformations.

The biggest highlights of the festivals will be the performances by some of the internationally-acclaimed performers. These include the names of Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia, a world-famous Indian artist; Asif Ali Khan, the qawwali maestro from Pakistan; and Soumik Datta, the most promising music talent from Britain. There will be many other equally influential artists from Asia, Europe and Australia.

The festival offers a nice opportunity to know about the cultural and artistic diversity of South Asian nations. It promises a wonderful time for family, friends and all those who are interested in arts. With the festival offering a variety of entertainment you will certainly enjoy the performances even if you are not a die-hard connoisseur of arts and artists.


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