Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Bangkok to Host Miss Tourism World Pageant for the First Time in Asia

Come December and Bangkok will become the first Asian city to host Miss Tourism World Pageant. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) expects to see a surge in the number of international visitors flying to the country. The event will also give a boost to the tourism industry by promoting Thailand as a safe travel destination for European and American tourists.

Prior to the final round of Miss Tourism World 2012, which is scheduled on December 15, the contestants will be taken on a tour of Thailand’s top tourist destinations. Theses destinations will include some of the most popular provinces of the country, such as Bangkok, Krabi, Songkhla, Pattaya, and Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya. The venue for the final round is Siam Niramit, which is located in the capital city.

By playing a perfect host to the finalists from 60 different countries of the world Thailand is trying to win the confidence of international travelers and holidaymakers. It is a great opportunity for the Thailand tourism to show that traveling in the country is not only safe but it is a pleasant experience too. As the tourists get their confidence back they are expected to start querying again about flights to Bangkok, which is a great destination to enjoy a holiday at the most reasonable price with Hoodaki flights.

Miss Tourism World beauty pageant is organized annually by the Tourism World Organization, which is based in the UK. The first Miss Tourism World pageant was hosted by Malta. The objective of the event is to promote and highlight the tourism sector of the host countries. It is an international event and watched by a large number of the people across the globe. Many also fly down the host city to participate in the event.

In organizing this year’s beauty pageant event, Tourism World Organization is not alone. It is getting the support from Media Empire Co. Ltd. as wells as the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Besides providing a free tour to the finalists, TAT will also sponsor the prizes and other issues in relation to the successful organization of the event in Bangkok.


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