Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Savor Your Taste Buds with Manila's Exotic Cuisines

Keeping the congested roads and chaotic conditions of Manila at bay, which otherwise deter the beauty of this magnificent city, the capital of Philippines, has unexplored charm. The city is still in its developing phase and needs to be recognized by people worldwide. However, every avid traveler would enjoy being in the city. The beaches, historic sites, museums, galleries, parks and culture of Manila is fascinating. Among the plethora of attractions, the cuisines are one of the best things to enjoy in Manila with Hoodaki Hioliday packages.

To taste the exotic dishes of the city, plan a vacation to Manila soon. Get flights from London to Manila booked and fly to the land of multi-specialty cuisines. The locals of the city are foodie and love to enjoy dining at amazing restaurants and eateries. The locals referred as Filipinos are fun-loving and are friendly host to the visitors.

As you visit the restaurants of Manila, you will receive a warm welcome. The cuisines of Manila are so delicious that it's really difficult to wait for your platter after you have ordered. There are several indigenous dishes of the city you can have. You also have a choice to try out different international cuisines which are readily available in the city as blend of cultures co-exist in Manila.

One of the popular diets of the Filipinos is rice and pork. One will find most of the people enjoying eating it. Another popular food that Filipinos enjoy is Balut. It might be difficult to imagine for some of us but Balut are actually a fertilized duck egg with a nearly-developed embryo inside which is boiled and then eaten in the shell. If you won't imagine much, it will taste good to you.

You can also try interesting street food of the Filipinos. Try pork intestines, pig's blood, pig's ear and chicken intestines. If you do not wish to have too much of non-vegetarian food, you can also have fried banana fritter. Other than these there are many other dishes to relish in Manila. If you are on a budget travel you can eat at the local joints which at reasonably cheaper. So, come and savor your taste buds with mouth-watering cuisines of Manila.


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