Monday, 27 August 2012

Passengers Traveling to Sydney are on an Increase

More passengers are now traveling to Sydney, thanks to the new airlines that have started services to this ever popular travel destination. According to a report, Sydney Airport has recorded nearly 2 percent growth in the number of passengers passing through the airport during the past six months. The revenue earned by the airport has also jumped by more than 6 percent during the period, the report has added.

More than 17 million passengers are reported to have visited Sydney in the first half of the current year. The number is expected to grow even further in the latter half of the year. The growth in flight operations and the number of passengers has helped the airport cross the $500 million mark in revenue.

Though the inbound tourism growth in Sydney is largely attributed to the increased interest of Asian travelers in Australia, the contribution of European travelers cannot be overlooked. Many airlines operating scheduled flights from Manchester to Sydney have reported a similar trend since the beginning of the year.

As more airlines have entered into the fray, the competition among them has become stiffer. The passengers can expect to see much improved services at lower costs in the months to come. Travel companies like Hoodaki travel agency have already started transferring the benefit to the passengers.

Australia is a fabulous country. It attracts tourists from across the world for its diverse natural and man-made attractions. Among all Aussie cities, Sydney is probably the most popular due to its cosmopolitan outlook and varied offerings.

Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Bondi Beach, Darling Harbor, Sydney Wildlife World, Taronga Zoo, Australian Museum, Luna Park, and the Museum of Contemporary Art are some of the important landmarks that have given the city an international fame.

Sydney makes an ideal destination for a fun-filled holiday experience. There are lots of activities to do here. Swimming, surfing, kayaking, sightseeing, cruising, boating, walking, people watching, and what not is possible in Sydney. So the next time you think of a vacation, think Sydney.


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