Monday, 23 April 2012

Reconnect to your Filipino Roots: Take Direct London to Manila Flights

The Philippines is emerging as a new holiday destination in Southeast Asia. Taking a hint from the countries located in its neighborhood, it has launched a promotion campaign to attract more visitors from Europe and North America. The focus is more on attracting Filipino people who live in other countries. Known as Balikbayans in the local language, they can easily be convinced to pay a visit to their motherland.

They have indeed responded to the government initiatives in this regard. Many Filipino families living abroad in countries like the UK flights have visited places like Cebu, Bohol and Dumaguete in the last two years. The visitor statistics shows an encouraging trend. This is largely due to the arrival of Balikbayans in the country in recent years. This has been possible as the government has simplified the visa requirements of such travelers and their families.

The government policies have created a good opportunity for Balikbayans to reconnect to their roots and relive their past. It has become even easier to avail this opportunity with the availability of Direct London Manila flights. Book your ticket in a carrier that operates directly between these two cities, and enjoy a smooth journey with your family.

The Philippine economy is set to gain with the growing trend in the tourism industry here. Those Filipino families who are traveling back to their country of birth are in a way contributing to its national economy. Moreover, it also offers an opportunity to reunite with their long lost relatives and friends. The children, apart from enjoying their vacation in full, will also get an opportunity to learn the tradition and culture of their forefathers.

The country is going through a transformation phase. The infrastructure is being improved. As a result, visiting places of tourist interests has become easier and more comfortable. It is a joyful experience to visit the Philippines as the country has really improved. It is more fun to be here now. Make your journey even more enjoyable with Eva Air flights from London to Manila.


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