Thursday, 26 April 2012

Manila Welcomes all with Open Arms

The Philippine tourism industry is expecting a boom in the next few years. The industry has already witnessed a significant growth in the number of international tourists that visited the country this year. This is largely due to the efforts of the Department of Tourism in promoting the country at the global level. Despite having a wealth of natural attractions, the country was unable to receive the attention of globe trotters and foreign tourists. Things are going to change now.

Alongside the government campaign, the international airlines are also contributing to the growth of Philippine tourism through their promo fares. The number of foreign airlines serving Manila and connecting it to major locations of the world is on a rise. Manila is the capital and the main gateway to enter the Philippines. Tourists from the UK can board Leeds Bradford Manila flights to conveniently arrive at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the hub of international flights located within the periphery of the city.
As the number of people flying to Manila is on an increase, airlines are gearing up to streamline their flight operations. A competition ensues, which eventually leads to the availability of cheaper fares and better in-flight services. This acts as a catalyst to encourage travelers on a budget to choose Manila as their next holiday destination. While it may be one of the reasons of recent upsurge in Philippine tourism, it cannot be taken as the main reason, experts believe.

It is a fact that Filipino expatriates are residing in many countries in significantly large numbers. A majority of them are those who are working abroad to earn a livelihood. Some of them have been overseas for quite a long time and have even settled there with their families. The Philippine government’s Balikbayan program is aimed at attracting those migrants and encouraging them to visit their motherland. The economy of the country is benefited through the foreign exchange inflow associated with their visit.

The Filipinos residing in the UK flights will certainly be delighted to see their country of birth growing as a major tourist destination in Southeast Asia. The country is ready to welcome them with special visa policies that are also applicable to their families in certain cases. One can take this opportunity to plan a journey by taking KLM flights from Leeds Bradford to Manila. Use this opportunity to take a stroll deep down into your memory lane while enjoying your vacation here.


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