Friday, 20 April 2012

Manila - Emergence of a New Destination for Budget Travelers

The tourist inflow in the Philippines is recorded as all time high this year. The growing awareness about the tourism potential of this so far neglected Southeast Asian destination can be cited as the major reason responsible for this phenomenon.

It is also a reflection of the efforts put by the Filipino government in promoting tourism here. While the campaign is still on, the result can be seen in the increasing number of tourists visiting the country. Airlines are gearing up to offer more flights from Gatwick to Manila as the number of passengers is expected to rise rapidly in the days to come.

A few years ago, it was unlikely to think of Manila or any of the islands that comprise the Philippines as a possible holiday destination. The people living in this part of the world were virtually unaware of the existence of such a beautiful country in the Far East.

The region has been popular among the Western travelers for quite a long time. But that is chiefly because of the existence of some well-known tourist destinations here. While Singapore, Bangkok, Phuket, and Hong Kong were the popular choices among British travelers, Manila, on the other hand, seldom features in their list of probable holiday destinations.

The hidden beauty of the Philippines is revealed now. The quick access to the experiences and views of the travelers who have been to this place has changed the whole scenario. Online travelogues and travel blogs have helped people know more about the attractions of this country.

As more and more people get to know about all this, the number of British visitors to the Philippines has started to grow by leaps and bounds. The journey to this land of promise can be made even more comfortable with Emirates Gatwick to Manila flights.

The Philippines offers a new option for the travelers who must take into account their budget before they can plan a vacation trip. As a promising land, it opens up new opportunities for a budget travel. To make it a truly low cost destination, even airlines are putting their own bits of efforts by offering cheap flights to Manila from Gatwick. This is what makes it great idea to enjoy a fun-filled holiday in the land of numerous islands, the Philippines.


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