Thursday, 12 April 2012

Flights Southampton to Manila - For a Refreshing Vacation

The largest city of Hampshire on the south coast of England, Southampton is one of the populous metropolitan areas. A large number of tourists fly from Southampton to different locations every year. A significant number of tourists from Southampton choose Manila for their vacation. Manila is the capital of Philippines located on Luzon which is the largest island of the archipelago. Blessed with warm climate, pristine beaches and other natural wonders, Manila is a delight for the visitors.

Flights Southampton to Manila can be booked to visit this exciting location. Manila is the one of the 16 cities comprising larger Metro Manila. Situated on the eastern shores of Manila Bay, the city looks fabulous and offers breathtaking views of sunsets. The skyline of the city looks awesome at the time of dusk.

The beaches of Manila are great for relaxing and enjoying variety of water sports such as swimming, boating, diving, fishing etc. Manila is also a destination for backpackers to enjoy low-budget travel. Compared to most of the European destinations, vacationing in Manila is cheap. You can also book cheap flights Southampton to Manila for making your travel cheaper.Click for the cheap unmatched flights with Hoodaki flights

The flag carrier of United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways is one best airlines to fly to Manila from Southampton. Etihad flights to Manila can be booked for a comfortable journey. As per your budget you can either get seat booked in economy or business class. Known for its world-class service, Etihad offers great-comfort seats, delectable cuisines and amazing in-flight entertainment including audio-video games, songs, movies etc.

In addition to the natural beauty, Manila is also historically and culturally captivating. The diverse religions, festivals and interesting history of the city are fun to watch and know. Book cheap flights to Manila from Southampton  and come to enjoy this multi-ethnic city.


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