Monday, 2 April 2012

Cheap Flights Heathrow to Manila for a Unique Getaway

Most of you would like traveling overseas, don’t you? However, a lot many drops the idea just because they feel getting the flights and hotels booked is too difficult. Away from the mundane city life in UK, you will love to spend days in Far East locations.

Destinations like Bangkok, Bali, Jakarta, Phuket and Krabi are very popular among the tourists. Manila, the capital of Philippines is one destination in this region where you can enjoy a peaceful vacation. But again the question arises how to get the flights and hotels booked for Manila.

Flights and hotels booking have become very easy these days. With increasing tourism, we find more and more travel companies have cropped up in the London. These companies offer tour packages for various locations around the world.

Cheap flights from London to Manila can be booked from any of the good travel company. Hoodaki, a sister company of Benz Travel in London, offers terrific flight deals for traveling. The company is known for offering solutions to all your travel problems.

Other than cheap flights, you can also book cheap hotels through us. Air tickets to Manila can be booked through us on your single call. Customer satisfaction is the main motive of the company and hence, our travel experts take extra effort to provide you with the best deal.

With the rising popularity of Manila, several airlines have increased their services for Manila. Large number of airlines operates their flights from different airports across the globe. Almost all airports of UK have flights for Manila.

Flying from London is very convenient as all major airlines operate their services from different airports of London. You can either fly from London City, Gatwick, and Luton or opt for London Heathrow to Manila flights.

A journey to destination like Manila is unforgettable. Just visit the city and enjoy sun-kissed beaches, historic sites, museums, parks, a colorful culture and traditions of Filipinos.


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