Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Cheap Flights from Belfast to Manila - Enjoy the Contrast Beauty

The capital city of Philippines, Manila is known for its unruly traffic and noise. The city is busy, crowded and shaggy. Most of the city’s architecture consists of old and low buildings with some notable structures which together make the skyline of the city. Manila appears an unplanned city as many low concrete building came up soon after the Second World War. However, the city has developed significantly in last decades to become one of the popular travel destinations in Far East region.

To visit this historically rich city book cheap Manila flights from Belfast. The capital and largest city of Northern Ireland, Belfast is a significant city from where a large number of travelers fly to Manila. Hence, many airlines offer flights to the capital of Philippines from Belfast airport. You can get seats booked in Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways, Asiana Airlines, Royal Brunei, Eva Air and other airlines.

The zigzag running roads of Manila will first appear to be confusing and chaotic but it gives a picture of daily life of the locals that include the office-goers, students, etc. To take a close look at the culture and lifestyle of the Filipinos book Etihad Airways to Manila from Belfast. Eithad Airways is known for offering a great customer service. You will love traveling in the airline which offers cozy seats, audio-video in-flight entertainment and mouth-watering delicacies.
On one hand, you will find huge mansions of the politicians and businessmen while on the other hand, there are shantytowns. A variety of contrast beauty of can be seen everywhere in the city. Malaysia Airlines from Belfast to manila flights can also be booked for a comfortable journey to the city.

For the cultural and history buffs, Manila serves as an amazing travel point. To know the city deeply, you need to get in its skin by exploring the city. Book cheap flights to Manila from Belfast and visit the city soon.


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