Friday, 27 April 2012

“3 Glorious Wonders” Promoting Manila Flights

Filipinos have always rejoiced through exotic beaches, escaped into jovial nightlife, relished on tangy flavored cuisines, intoxicated self with merrymaking festivals, and bonded over adventurous weekends”…

Colors of 16th century heritages are creatively wrapped in the flavors of fashionable times by nature and man at Manila. The capital city of Philippines found its admiration on every global travelogue, magazines, travel reviews, & brochures for its fairy tale scenic creations infused with unequalled hospitality. Captivating Manila bay an enchanting tropical teardrop is formed of a cluster comprising 7107 islands. Just being appreciated to be the home of seductive beaches, unique melting of cultures, and fun loving natives has not boost the demand of Manila flights there’s much more to discover, experience, and treasure for travelers.

Alluring Manila a destination where Spanish domination, British colonization, and US occupancy has written a history that crafted a future of vibrant lifestyles to be witness nowhere on earth. The escapist vacation of Manila will be an intriguing holiday themes of beach extravaganza, historical wonders, adventure escapades, mouth – watering culinary journeys, love sprinkle honeymoon retreats, romantic getaways, fascinating nightlife, and family amusement attractions. It’s no surprise that Manila is one destination with myriad enchanting faces to discover by travelers for the joy of existence. From the becharming holiday themes of Manila we at ‘Hoodaki’ flights bring you the best of “3 Glorious Wonders” that has made globetrotters enthusiastic to board the flights from London to Manila.

Intramuros: – Spanish domination has left a symbol of their dominance in the colonial structure of Intramuros meaning “within the wall”. The aim of Spanish imperial powers was to guard the Spanish colonization capital with a strong defense because of its significance and resourcefulness. The Intramuros is a majestic fortress of 16th century exhibiting its historical splendor, elegant antiques, relics, and imprints of royal past.
The Taal Volcano: – The Taal Volcano is an amazing attraction from being world’s smallest Volcano to be the only Volcano with a lake inside its crater famed as “Crater Lake”. Excursion to the Volcano is organized through boat trip and one can also reach to the top of Volcano through hiking.
China Town: – China Town a spectacular shopper’s paradise is animated with exotic shops, gold jewelries, Chinese feng shui items, antiques, and provides the best of Chinese foods. The once burned and rebuilt China Town stretches from Santa Cruz in the East to Binondo Church in the West.
But the Manila magic continues with its never – ending attractions of Ocean Park, Malacanang Palace, Nayong Filipino Cultural Park, Rizal Park, and famed nightlife hub like Blue Onion. To discover the grand carnival city of Philippines embark on a journey with Manila flights.


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