Thursday, 29 March 2012

Some Points to Consider before Booking Birmingham to Manila Flights

Finding the cheapest flights Birmingham to Manila is easy as a small number of airlines serve between these two cities. This is usually not the case when you are to fly from London or Manchester. To find a cheap flight from London to Manila, for example, you may have to search through a large number of airlines, which is often a time-consuming and tedious process.

However, there is a flip side too. The more is the number of airlines operating between two destinations, the more is the chance to get the lowest fare possible. As the number of airlines increases, the competition among them stiffens, which may ultimately lead to a price war. You cannot expect this situation when searching for Birmingham to Manila flights.

Apart from the national carriers, Etihad, Emirates and KLM are among the few airlines that operate between Birmingham and Manila. The usual way to search for a cheap flight is to go to the websites of the different airlines concerned and compare their offers. This approach is best suited when it is not possible to change the date of your travel.

On the other hand, you may find a better price if you are open to change the date and time of your take off. All airlines operate for a profit and so they want to see all the seats in a flight completely filled up. A vacant seat may mean a loss in the revenue they could have generated when the seats were all full.

The situation often leads them to offer a heavy discount on booking a last minute flight. Look for this opportunity and you may possibly land up the best deal in the bargain. The situation can also force the airline to seek the help of a travel company who specializes in selling the last minute deal in bulk. Such companies can easily rope in customers who are always on a look out for the cheapest airfares Birmingham to Manila flights.

Planning early and getting a ticket booked well in advance, often one month before the date of a scheduled flight, with a minimum stay of seven or more days, can make you eligible for APEX (Advance Purchase Excursion). This is a standard discount ticket available at most airlines and regular travel companies, and often require a round trip. You also do not have flexibility to make changes in the travel dates or cancel a ticket altogether without paying additional fees upfront.


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