Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Flights to Kimberley - Escape to a riveting city

Kimberly is famous due to its diamond mining past. It is located in South Africa’s Northern Cape Province. The city has established itself as a great tourist destination. A lot of museums and other tourist spots are found here. A lot of historic sites also exist in the nearby regions.

Catch flights to Kimberley and discover some beautiful attractions. The Big Hole is a famous landmark of the city. It is filled with various artifacts and exhibits. The first church and house that were built in the city during its development are seen in the mine museums. The excellent railway carriage of Cecil John Rhodes is also present here. He embarked the carriage after becoming the governor of Cape of Good Hope and went to Rhodesia.

The McGregor Museum is a research institute of the North Cape. Research is carried here with regard to fields of cultural and natural history. A botanical herbarium, rock art and archaeology collections, paleontology and geology collections, etc. are part of the museum. The Aviation Museum is a reputed tourist spot of the city. It is the country’s first flying school, which opened in 1913 and earned its name because it trained pilots of South African Aviation Corps.

Tourists who want to see the Northern Cape region should immediately book cheap flights to Kimberley. The Diggers’ Memorial is a great place to visit in Kimberley. A statue and fountain are present here. The statue is built in the form of a diamond sieve and it honors various diggers from the present and past era.

The Kimberley golf course definitely merits a visit and is an important part of the city’s history. The place was dug up in the past for presence of diamonds. The Kimberley Golf Club has seen the active participation of many famous names. The great Cecil John Rhodes was also a member of the club.

Travel to Kimberley and enjoy the beauty of the overall region. The city has supreme facilities for accommodation and food. A tour of the region offers perfect rejuvenation.


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