Monday, 12 March 2012

Flights to Khon Kaen - A Getaway with numerous attractions

Khon Kaen is a beautiful place to visit. It is based in the northeastern part of Thailand. The area is known for enchanting beauty and scenic spots. It’s not extremely populated and the people here are very friendly. The area is also reputed for production of high quality silk.

Flights to Khon Kaen are provided from all major airports around the globe. Lots of interesting attractions exist in this locale. The Khon Kaen National Museum is a craze among visitors. There are several exhibitions related to history, culture, archaeology, ethnology and geography. The museum also depicts the rise of art in Thailand. Further, the museum has a lot of other interesting stuff such as human skeletal remains, dinosaur fossils, some Buddha images and musical instruments.

Catch cheap flights to Khon Kaen and marvel the numerous buildings and sights to be visited here. City Pillar Shrine is a revered landmark of the region. This ancient shrine was set up by the former governor of Khon Kaen, who was also a famous monk. Treasure Hall is another popular tourist destination which draws the crowds. The Hall works as a study center and is a landmark for the local identity. The whole region’s history and culture are displayed here. Further, the city’s lifestyle and outlook are also shown here.

Visit the Prem Tinsulanonda Military Fort and Hall of Honor, which is highly reputed by the Thai people. The place describes the achievements and biography of statesman General Prem Tinsulanonda. He was instrumental in the development of the different areas of Thailand. Hun Mun Mang or Khon Kaen City Museum is also a reputed landmark of Khon Kaen region. The museum is located nearby Kaen Nakhon Lake. It is actually a tower which stores many historical articles of the area. It describes the lifestyle of the people who reside here and the description covers both their past and present.

Travel to Khon Kaen and enjoy the shopping here. There is a central market which keeps various stuff like clothing, silk, jewelry, etc. Further, household appliances and handicrafts are also found here. The region, overall, offers a great vacation. Tourists are offered a fun time and all important facilities.


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