Thursday, 8 March 2012

Flights to Istanbul - An Enigmatic city

Istanbul is a megacity and one of the largest metropolitan areas of Europe. It is located on both the Asian and European continents. The city has many historic areas which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Get hold of UK flights to Istanbul and watch the fascinating architecture of the city. Byzantine and Ottoman architecture are the main highlights here. However, reflections of different empires and cultures are clearly reflected in the buildings here. Many historic, churches, synagogues and mosques are found in the city.

Istanbul is the economic center of Turkey and an important part of the country’s sea trade route. The city and its nearby province produce valuable products like silk, tobacco, olive oil, cotton and fruit. Some important industrial products of this place include metal ware, rubber, oil products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, automotive, transport vehicles, paper products, etc.

Travel to Istanbul and get immersed in its culture. This colorful city is famous for its cultural, commercial and social activities. It is a great center for ballet, opera, music and center. It also hosts various concerts, famous orchestras and jazz legends. The Istanbul International Film Festival is a major film festival of Europe.

The city is filled with numerous museums. The Istanbul Archaeology Museum is a top notch tourist spot here. It includes three museums: Archaeological Museum, Museum of the Ancient Orient and Museum of Islamic Art. Roman, Hellenic and Turkish artifacts are found here. Some ancient art include: A monumental Lycian tomb, statues from the Roman era, fragments from Athena’s temple, etc.

Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum also attract hordes of tourists. Before being converted to a museum, the place used to be the palace of Ibrahim Pasha. It has a vast collection of tiles, rugs, Islamic calligraphy, etc. Different cultures of Turkey are also displayed here.

Shopping in Istanbul is a worthwhile experience. Antique pieces, perfumes, spices, exotic fabrics and other stuff are found here. The city has both old markets and new malls. Shops and restaurants are also spread all over the region. The nightlife here offers perfect entertainment.

As Istanbul established itself as a superb tourist destination, many countries have increased regular flights to this land. London to Istanbul flights has shown a rapid increase due to reasonable prices and good marketing. A tour to this city is a perfect treat.


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