Friday, 2 March 2012

Flights to Atlanta - A worthwhile experience

Atlanta is the capital and cultural center of the U.S. state of Georgia. The city has many premier tourist attractions and draws lot of visitors. It has been an important place for the Civil Rights movement in the country. It is also distinguished for being the home of national icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Flights to Atlanta can be booked through online websites. The city has many historic sites. Martin Luther King, Jr., National Historic Site is a reputed place to visit. The site has many buildings including Martin Luther King’s childhood home. The church where Martin Luther King, Jr. and his father were pastured is part of the historic site. The visitor center of the museum displays the American civil rights movement.

Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum is another interesting place of Atlanta. The Atlanta Cyclorama is a cylindrical painting depicting the fight scenes of the Civil War. The central cylinder rotates and one gets to view the complete painting. The Civil War museum has many artifacts and pictures from the Civil War itself. A short film regarding the Atlanta Campaign is also shown in the movie theater of the museum.

Travel to Atlanta to see its tourist hot spots. The Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta attracts many visitors. It is the biggest aquarium of the world and houses several marine animals from nearly 500 different species. Some of the famous specimens are four beluga whales, four manta rays, eleven Bottlenose dolphins, three Great hammerhead sharks and four young whale sharks. The animals are shown in six different sorts of galleries. Many specimens of fish like local fishes, piranha, electric fish, etc. are also kept here. Conservation of marine species and research on them is carried on here.

Zoo Atlanta is a famous zoological park of the city.  More than 200 species of animals are found here. The most famous residents of the zoo are the giant pandas. Gorillas, orangutans and many sorts of monkeys are also found here. It is also a paradise for bird watchers. One can visit various kinds of birds.

Atlanta is a tourist paradise. Cheapest flights to this city are offered from many destinations, such as flights London to Atlanta. Travel the city and have a worthwhile experience.


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