Saturday, 10 March 2012

Flights to Chiang Mai - An Insurmountable Beauty

Chiang Mai is a beautiful province of Thailand. The area reeks of awesome scenic beauty and is surrounded by high mountain ranges. It is a major tourist destination of the country. The climate here is pretty cool and misty.

Get hold of flights to Chiang Mai and explore the numerous attractions found here. The place is known for abundant greenery. Bhuping Palace is a great place to visit. It is a royal winter palace and supreme gardens are present here. The gardens are reputed for amazing plant life and giant bamboo. Chiang Mai zoo and Aquarium is also a must visit destination. The zoo has various animals and two aquariums. Nearly 400 animal species such as Cape fur seals, Humboldt penguins, giraffes, zebras, camels, lions, Barbary sheep and giant pandas are found here. The place offers complete entertainment to tourists.

The cheapest flights to Chiang Mai can be booked online. The region has terrific natural treasures. Elephant Nature Park is a beautiful jewel in Chiang Mai’s crown. Rescued and tired elephants are provided a home in this sanctuary. Visits and volunteering visits are offered to tourists through the park’s website. Then, there is Maesa Elephant Camp which provides supreme entertainment. This camp is located in the hills. A popular elephant show is organized here and elephants are shown painting and playing football. Elephant rides are also offered to tourists.

Travel to Chiang Mai and have a look at its culture. Various museums are found here. Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Center offers a lot of knowledge about this region. Here you will find guides who are dressed in traditional Thai clothing. This center is highly modernized and tourists can watch an English subtitled video regarding details about Chiang Mai. The region’s culture and history are displayed in many adjoining rooms. Some other rooms are also there which display knowledge about agricultural history, Buddhist and other beliefs, hill tribes, etc.

Chiang Mai offers a lot of opportunities to travelers to revel in its exciting surroundings. The region is blessed with exotic beauty. It’s a perfect place for a vacation and relaxation.


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