Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A Sightseeing Journey of Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful island country and a famous getaway for tourists. Nearly 63 islands make up this amazing region. Despite tremendous development, the greenery of the land has been kept intact. It is one of the most advanced countries of Asia. The city state is multiethnic and the official languages include English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil. High quality accommodation can be easily accessed here.

Cheap flights to Singapore are provided from multiple locations. The city state has earned rave reviews from tourists. Thus, travel companies offer many benefits and good packages. These include hotel bookings and sightseeing tours. Rented cars and travel arrangements from the airport are also a part of many deals. Tourists should definitely pay a visit to understand the supreme heritage of this land.

Many airlines and companies offer cheap flights to Singapore. The country has many museums, monuments and entertainment centers. The Asian Civilizations Museum is an interesting place and showcases the multi-ethnic heritage of Singapore. The importance of the museum can be gauged by the fact that more than 1300 artifacts are housed in it. Chinese and Pernakan cultures are also showcased here.

Singapore Art Museum is a treasure trove for art lovers. The best of Singaporean and Malay art can be witnessed here. Beautiful galleries and excellent exhibitions are highlights of the museum. A shop sells multiple items and the place also has a small café. Then there is Villa Museum, a historic building. It is also called Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial hall, in honor of the nationalist Chinese leader, Sun Yat Sen. Exciting and heroic wars of the Chinese Revolutionary Alliance is narrated here. The villa has countless treasures like amazing calligraphy works, paintings and huge sculptures.

A visit to the Changi Chapel Museum will surely make one emotional. The place honors the World War II heroes who sacrificed their lives for the sake of humanity. Prisoners’ lives are shown through paintings and sketches. Letters, drawings and articles showcased in the museum narrate the people’s pain under Japanese occupation.

Flights to Singapore are offered by many travel companies at good prices. Take a refreshing tour of the country and enjoy the sightseeing.


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