Thursday, 2 February 2012

A Historical Tour of Istanbul

Istanbul, the biggest city of Turkey, has served as the capital of the great Roman, Latin and Ottoman empires. The city is astoundingly beautiful and has many important monuments. It is based in both Europe and Asia. The colorful city has numerous facilities for the tourists. Museums and art galleries are spread all around the region. An excellent transport system is the highlight of Istanbul. It is easily accessible by air, sea and land. Sea transport is very important as it is surrounded by sea from every side.

Flights to Istanbul will land on the international airports of the city. The Ataturk International Airport is the major airport and situated on the European side. The other one is the Sabiha Gokcen International Airport. It is smaller and based on the Asian side. The Bosphorus Strait divides the European and Asian sides of Istanbul.

Travel to Istanbul and visit the marvelous attractions all around. Visit Sultanahmet- the historical old city. It was essentially known as Constantinople. One can reach this place by tram, metro, bus and boat. Take a tour of the Sultanahmet Mosque. Outstanding architecture and minarets are the highlight of this mosque. Prayers are still carried out here and its beauty overwhelms tourists. The Museum of Archaeology is another important landmark of the city. Babylonian and Roman marble statues are sighted here and Sumerian tablets are major highlights. The Alexander Sarcophagus is preserved in the best possible manner.

Take a tour of the historic Grand Bazaar. Presence of fountains, wells, mosques and different attractions enhance the beauty of the Bazaar. It has many side streets and nearly 4400 shops. Jewelry, carpets, shoes and other sorts of items can be purchased here. Souvenirs are also sold in the shops. The Egyptian Bazaar is a smaller market and also called Spice Bazaar. Kitsch-souvenirs, gems and rugs are found here.     

A day trip to the Princes islands is a heartwarming experience. Scenic Victorian villages and chapels on the hills enhance the beauty and grandeur o f the islands. Historic buildings are seen everywhere and it is a favorite picnic spot. The peaceful area is full of beach side attractions.

Cheap flights UK to Istanbul are provided by different airlines and travel companies. The place reeks of history and culture. The city is fast developing as a hot cultural destination. Enjoy a tour of this stunning city and the hospitality that comes along with it. 


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