Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Flights to New York - A Captivating Getaway

New York is one of the most populous states of United States of America. The state has New York City, a global financial and cultural center. The state has many counties, parks and reserves. Museums and galleries are also seen all over the region. New York has played a prominent role in U.S.A’s war of independence.

New York City has grown as an economic powerhouse and flights to New York are provided from different locations. Tour operators offer lucrative packages for people wanting to visit the place. Good deals include flight and accommodation bookings. Travel insurance is a favorable option for tourists from Hoodaki.

New York City is highly cosmopolitan and one of the most diverse on the global scale. The place has grown as a major center of Culture, food, fashion, research, finance and most importantly trade. The Statue of Liberty is the most famous symbol of U.S.A. It is located on Liberty Island. The island in turn is situated in New York harbor. The statue was a gift from France to celebrate American independence. A woman disregarding the chains of oppression and slavery is represented by this statue. She holds a torch in her right hand, representing liberty.

Cheap flights to New York is offered by several airlines and travel companies. The city is filled with museums and galleries. The Museum of Modern Art displays various masterpieces like paintings, videos, films, drawing books, media works and photographs. Great art treasures include the works of masters such as Picasso, Raphael, El Greco, Van Gogh, Pollock and others. Another famous place is the American Museum of Natural History. It is one of the best and most innovative museums. The fossils of dinosaurs and other vertebrates have been reconstructed here. The museum has many exhibits and important attractions are the Big Bang Theatre, the Hall of Planet Earth and the Hayden Planetarium.

Travel to New York to see different scenic spots and historical landmarks. The region has many restaurants offering American and international cuisines. A humid continental climate engulfs the state and it remains a top tourist destination throughout the year. A refreshing tour of New York will rejuvenate the spirits.


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