Monday, 13 February 2012

Flights to Kuwait - Journey to the Desert State

The desert state of Kuwait is an economic powerhouse of Asia. The multicultural state has various attractions for visitors. World class facilities abound in the region. The place is famous for skyscrapers, hotels and markets. Pristine beaches and water sports are some other factors which attract tourists.

Flights to Kuwait are provided from many metropolises. Presence of oil fields has brought riches to Kuwait. It has become a dream destination for many people working across the globe. The Kuwait National Museum has various artifacts to impress tourists. Nearly 20,000 Islamic paintings are present here. There is also a library and a planetarium to enhance the knowledge of visitors. Another must visit destination are the Kuwait Towers. Water reservation facilities are present in the tower. Further, a reservoir, cafeteria, restaurants and a revolving observatory are also part of the tower.

Travel to Kuwait and have a look at the panoramic sights. The Kuwait Science and Natural History Museum displays the scientific developments of the land. Watch a demonstration of the famous petroleum industry of Kuwait and learn about its major asset. The space science department offers a lot of scientific knowledge.

Kuwait is a highly religious country and mosques are found all over the place. Grand Mosque is one of the most important mosques in the country. The mosque is a connoisseur’s delight and waterfalls, colorful flowers, palm trees and green gardens are present around it. Islamic geometrical signs are present on the walls. The mosque has a massive prayer hall and nearly 10,000 people can pray here. A separate prayer hall has been designed for women.

Kuwait Zoological Park is one of the most alluring tourist attractions of the country. It is spread in a massive area of 1, 80,000 square meters and various endangered species are offered shelter here. The main attractions are the zebras, lions, tigers, elephants and giraffes.

The country is famous for numerous beaches and crystal clear water. Traditional Arabic dancing can be seen at Messila beach. Here, one can enjoy various activities such as fishing, speed boating, wind surfing, jet skiing, water skiing and scuba diving.

Kuwait flights UK have increased due to a tourist boom in the desert state. Enjoy a trip to this fascinating land and uncover beautiful sights.


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