Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Flights to Guangzhou - A Wonderful Journey

Guangzhou is one of the biggest cities in China. Cantonese is spoken by the maximum residents of the city and Mandarin occupies the second place. It is the most prosperous industrial center in South China. This historical city is filled with supreme attractions. Numerous parks and gardens are spread all over the place. All sorts of accommodation are also available here.

Flights to Guangzhou are available from many countries. Lucrative flight deals are provided by many travel agencies. These deals include both travel and accommodation bookings. The city has a beautiful natural landscape and many scenic spots.

Guangzhou has seen rapid expansion with skyscrapers and shopping malls dotting the skyline. The city has witnessed many historical events and Chinese revolution originated from here itself. The Pearl River is filled with scenic spots of Guangzhou. Many legends are associated with the name of the river. There are 10 bridges over the river. The Pearl River Evening Cruise displays the mesmerizing beauty of the river. During the cruise, one gets to view beautiful lights and jade-green water.

Cheap flights to Guangzhou have increased with the city’s development as a great tourist destination. The White Cloud Mountain is a famous attraction of the city. It is actually a park with several peaks. Hiking trails are abundant here and cable car facility is available to Moxing Peak. Some other fun activities include grass skiing and bungee jumping. A sculpture park, tea houses and a bird park are also present here.And cheap flights provides from Hoodaki travels

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall is an important historical building. The place is known for its magnificent beauty and superb architecture. Many important meetings and performances are organized here. A statue of the great leader Sun Yat Sen is also stationed here. The memorial building is famous among both visitors and locals.

Guangzhou has been termed as the “City of Flowers” and “Rice-ear-City”. The city is filled with malls, shopping centers and restaurants. The rates are pretty reasonable and clothing, electronics, consumer goods, etc. are available in the markets. Chinese cuisine and drinks offered in the restaurants are a hit among visitors.

Travel to Guangzhou and savor the mesmerizing sights. The people are very friendly and the city is renowned for its hospitality.


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