Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Flights to Cairo - A Splendid Journey

Cairo is a vast metropolis and one of the most beautiful cities in the Middle East. It is situated near the Nile River. Many historical monuments are present here. The city has many art galleries and museums. Tourism is a major contributor to the city’s economy. The scenic city offers world class accommodation to visitors. Restaurants and bars offer excellent cuisine and drinks.

Cairo International Airport is equipped with supreme facilities and flights to Cairo reach here. It’s the best and busiest airport of Egypt. Tourists can use the convenient limousine and shuttle buses services available outside the airport. The staff is very cooperative and tourists are offered the best possible help from Hoodaki travel

Islamic Cairo is an area of the city that is vastly different and has famous Islamic monuments. This center is considered very important for worship, shopping and trade. Most of the monuments in this part of town were built by the Fatimid caliphs who discovered Cairo. Important tourist markets here include the Khan el- Khalili Market and Tent Market. Visitors tend to visit the Khan market a lot. Amazing souvenirs and high quality produce are highlights of this market. Islamic clothes, belly-dancing equipment, furniture, gold and jewels are also available here. The Tent Market offers many sorts of Bedouin tents.

Flights to Cairo are provided from various locales of the globe. Tour operators provide excellent packages along with flight and hotel bookings. Cars are also arranged on rent for the benefit of travelers. The city has beautiful museums with important artifacts and relics. Visitors should have a tour of the Egyptian Antiquities Museum. The Tutankhamen collection is world famous. The gold, lapis and jeweled sarcophagi of this section is very distinct and unique. A tour of the Mummy Room nearly stuns visitors. Guided tours are offered at reasonable prices.

Military Museum is another important landmark of the city. Ancient warfare practiced in the region is showcased here. Ceremonial equipment, costumes, the country’s primary battles, etc. are also displayed in the museum. The Pharaonic Village is popular as visitors can witness the lifestyle of Pharonic Egypt here. Soak in your ‘Ancient Egyptian tour’ and enjoy your trip.

Travel to Cairo and watch the various wonders of the city. Friendly people and historic places are the major highlights of this place.


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