Friday, 17 February 2012

Cheap Flights to Riyadh - Enjoy an Interesting Trip

Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia is more of a business destination than holiday. Yet the city has number of remarkable attractions which the tourists can enjoy on their visit. This is the city where one will find rich-old Arabic culture as well as modern technologies and western influences.

The city has grown very rapidly in past few years and is still growing. The city can be best enjoyed in cars which should have a GPS system as the streets do not have the addresses. You would require knowing the famous landmarks of the place you wish to visit. Before you travel to Riyadh, you need to know about the city properly and thereafter plan your trip accordingly.

Flights to Riyadh are can be easily booked. There are different airlines operating flight services to Riyadh. A large number of travel companies in London offer good deals on air tickets to Riyadh. As you enter Riyadh's King Khaled Airport which is located about 35 km north of the city, you will get to see striking structure in white and desert brown.

Direct flights for Riyadh are limited from the Gulf and South Asia. However, cheap flights to Riyadh can be booked in any of the major airlines like Lufthansa from Frankfurt, British Airways from London-Heathrow and Air France from Paris etc. The major attractions of the city are Masmak Fortress located in the heart of Old Riyadh. It is a mud-brick structure featuring a beautiful museum which recounts the story of Old Riyadh and several raids and stories.

National Museum is an interesting place to visit. The museum is equipped with the latest technology and tourists have easy accessibility as almost everything is available in English. Other famous attractions are As-Sufaat and Kingdom Centre.

The city also features good shopping malls like Sahara Mall, Al Faisaliah, Al Mamlaka and Localizer Mall. To enjoy the local cuisines of the city you can visit Al Fawar, Paragon Family Restaurant, Al-Malaz Restaurant and have delectable kebabs, shwarma, Biryani etc.

Unlike Western destinations, Riyadh has few conservative rules and regulations. But if you can enjoy their culture, the city is amazing destination to visit. So, book cheap flights to Riyadh to enjoy this interesting city.  


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