Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Cheap Flights to Doha - An enchanting tour

Doha is the capital and most populous city of Qatar. It is also the financial center of the country. Further, it has witnessed rapid growth and is one of the most expensive cities of the Arab World. Doha has various attractions which appeal to tourists. Top notch accommodations are also available here.

Cheap flights to Doha are provided from numerous locales. Tour packages consist of both hotel bookings and sightseeing tours. Good discount is also provided in cheap flight bookings Hoodaki UK. Doha is famous for its large skyscrapers and numerous tourist spots.

The Chroniche is the most popular and trendy avenue of Doha. From here, one can watch the amazing views of the Skyline and the Persian Gulf. Various parks are also located here. Another beautiful place to visit is the Museum of Islamic Arts. Several masterpieces like manuscripts and ceramics of the Islamic world from the 7th to 19th century are found here. One can also view antique pieces of jewelry, stones, ivory and metalwork. The museum has a garden with a scenic fountain. It is admired for its amazing architecture and the views of the Gulf waters.

Flights to Doha have increased with its growing reputation as an excellent tourist destination. Visit the Spiral Mosque of the city. It is one of the most popular attractions of Doha and a replica of Iraq’s Al- Mutawwakil mosque in Samarra. The spiral minaret is enlightened during the night hours. The mosque is part of the Qatar Islamic Cultural Center. The Center aims to explain the teachings of Islam to non Muslims and foreigners.

Doha has also gained a reputation for diving. Old club reef is a popular diving spot. Two artificial reefs have been built here to facilitate scuba diving. The gulf waters are warm and a great place for beginners. The area also witnesses fascinating marine life like fish, corals and crustaceans.

Travel to Doha to witness its numerous attractions and trendy lifestyle. The city has many markets and traditional Souqs for shopping purposes. Traditional clothes, perfume, spices, jewelry, electrical goods and fabrics are available in these markets. Western style markets are also found all over the place. Further, there are several restaurants offering traditional and international cuisines.

Doha is an amazing place to spend your vacations. So, pack your bags and head towards this city.


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