Monday, 6 February 2012

Cheap Flights to China - Visit the Historic Sites and Cities

China, the biggest country in terms of population, is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The second largest country as per land area, China is very vast and diverse. It has been deemed as a potential superpower by policy analysts. The Communist Party of China gained control over the country after winning the decisive civil war. Under the visionary leadership of the party, the country has seen rapid economic and social development.

China has emerged as a top notch tourist destination and cheap flights to China are provided from numerous regions. Packaged tours offered in the market consist of flight and accommodation bookings. Travel insurance is an added benefit. China has emerged as a leading scientific and military power. Numerous attractions and scenic locations are present throughout the country.

Flights to China are offered by different travel companies UK and airlines. Natural beauty of the country draws tourists by hordes. Large mountains and rivers form a spectacular backdrop to the land. Beijing, the capital, offers a unique cultural experience. The city is a perfect mix of old and new. Imperial palaces, traditional homes and skyscrapers are the highlights of the city.

Visit the Great Wall of China, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The wall covers the northern region of China and passes across deserts, mountains and plateaus. The wall was built to save the country from the attacks of Mongolian tribes. Tourists will also enjoy visiting the Forbidden City. It has been used as an imperial palace for nearly twenty four emperors. Rare treasures and artifacts are also found here. This attraction is another famous UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The country is also known for its great cities such as Shanghai and Beijing. Beijing, the capital of China, is filled with palaces, statues and mesmerizing artwork. It’s the most important seat for cultural and political decisions. Shanghai is one of the costliest and biggest metropolises in the world. The neon lights, skyscrapers and nightlife showcase the larger than life aspect of the city. It is the country’s biggest city and the biggest center of commerce.

Travel to China and enjoy the historic sites and attractions. The country offers a memorable tour to visitors.


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