Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Travel to Indonesia - Enjoy the Pristine Beauty

Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia is surrounded by the sea and hills. The city has emerged as a tourist hub. It has a multi-ethnic and diverse population. The city has good rail, land and air connectivity with the other parts of the country.

Jakarta has enhanced its reputation as a tourist destination. Thus, Flights to Jakarta have also increased. Travel companies offer numerous deals for the tourists. The best deals include sightseeing tours and hotel bookings. Due to presence of different travel companies, traveling has become a lot easier.

The city has seen times of passionate nationalism and the National monument showcases freedom. Visit the historical museum at the base of the monument. Tourists are also advised to visit Sea world. This high tech aquarium showcases diverse marine life. A popular Dolphin show is the major highlight of the aquarium.

Flights to Jakarta are provided by different travel companies. However, tourists are advised to book their flights with Hoodaki travel agency. This London based travel company is known for its efficient services. It offers lucrative deals which consist of holiday packages and travel insurance also. The company books hotels for its clients and cars are also offered on rent.

 Jakarta has various museums to display the country’s history. The numerous restaurants, guesthouses, etc. provide accommodation and food to visitors. The local cuisine is simply mouth-watering and different kinds of dishes are offered here. Despite being a Muslim majority country, the city boasts of a happening nightlife.

Indonesia is an archipelago that teems with adventure, beautiful beaches, diverse culture and many languages. Travel to Indonesia and enjoy its scenic beauty. The country is pretty humid as it is surrounded by the sea. However, beautiful weather prevails during the months of April and October. It is usually considered the best time to visit this land.

Beautiful landscape and numerous islands make up this country. Various migrant communities are settled here and their influence can be clearly felt. The local artifacts are also very popular among visitors. The people love their food and fish is an important part of every meal. Rice and sea food are highly favored by the locals. However, restaurants also offer international cuisine.

This beautiful country welcomes you with open arms. Enjoy a trip to this unique landscape.


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