Friday, 13 January 2012

Travel to India - Explore the Astounding Culture

India is an enchanting destination which offers a lot to the traveler. Imposing culture, breathtaking natural beauty, unpolluted beaches and amazing wildlife are the highlights of this land. Shop till you drop in the various street markets and glitzy malls. Big cities and multiple villages form the backbone of this amazing land.

Travel to India and enjoy the myriad flavors of the land. Travel companies are offering various deals with flights to India. Book your flight with Hoodaki. It is a London based company which provides excellent deals. Hotel bookings and sightseeing are covered in the deals. The company also offers holiday packages.

The country is surrounded by three seas: the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. Visit the seaside towns of Puri and Digha to enjoy bathing and swimming. Pristine beaches are found all over the 7,000 km long coastline of India. Seaside resorts and hotels have multiplied and beach tourism is a big contributor in Indian economy.

Travel to India and watch its fabulous architecture. The temples and mosques offer an insight into Indian history. They have been built by the different conquerors of this land. Churches abound in Goa, the Southern states and the North eastern ones. They show the influence of Christian culture. Apart from churches, Buddhist Stupas are also found in the Eastern state of Bihar.

Visit the beautiful city of Calcutta and enjoy its unique culture. Flights to Calcutta have increased due to its reputation as a safe destination for tourists. The city is filled with colonial buildings and offers unique tours to tourists.

Visit the Victoria Memorial to understand the atmosphere of a bygone era. This colonial era building has various documents and valuable artifacts. These depict the life of the English folk in pre-independence area. The Calcutta Museum also offers a veritable tour of the city and its history.

Calcutta is also home to the Bengali film industry, Tollywood. Bengali movies, films and music have had a vast influence on Indian culture. Even the great Indian Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore was the son of Bengal.

There are lots of things to enjoy in India. Thus, catch the earliest flight and book a tour to this veritable land.


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